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  1. James R

    Phoebe who?

    Lol at this chick trying to get her name out there by slagging a guy who has more musical ability and talent in his little toe than what she has in her entire body. ...and what a C U Next Tuesday for negatively bringing up the death of his son in a song lyric. Douche...
  2. James R


    How's it going? I've been a bit busy, but I miss you guys and gals. Still been stopping by on occasion, but haven't posted for a while. Whats new? Summer is finally in full gear around my parts. Outdoor garden is doing OK, but needs more sun and less rain. Indoor garden is looking great...
  3. James R

    Snowbird crash in Kamloops, BC

    Apparently a Snowbird has crashed into a home in Kamloops. The pilot ejected and is alive, but there's reports of at least one fatality. They canceled the flyover for the Okanagan Valley that was supposed to happen this afternoon due to poor weather, not sure what the forecast was in Kamloops...
  4. James R

    Cannabis experts, please help

    Hey all, I have either a fungus or a deficiency that has shown up on some of my mothers in the last couple days, and I'm just wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
  5. James R

    Beginning of Back in Black?

    Pull offs or alternate picking? Just decided to learn this song, because I've been on a bit of an AC/DC kick while playing lately (true rock n' roll riffs that are just plain fun to play). I've been playing it with pulloffs, because I just always figured that was what it was when listening to...
  6. James R

    Windows 10 memory diagnostic tool stuck in a loop... help?

    Hey all. My pos laptop is stuck in a memory diagnostic tool loop. I've tried exiting it with F10, just starts the loop again. Same with ctrl, alt, delete and powering down the laptop. Even removed the battery, but the stupid loop starts as soon as I try to power up, wont even allow me to boot in...
  7. James R

    Bad way to start the day.

    So this was me at 6:30 this morning... All is good, I'm alive and well but sore as hell. Got a CT scan and some xrays, nothing appears to be broken, but my ribs are willing to argue that. Anyways, be safe, happens in the blink of an eye!
  8. James R

    Anybody here growing massive quantities of cannabis?

    Do you have issues with powdery mildew? If so, what are you using to treat it (other than pruning), and if not, what strains are you growing? Thanks.
  9. James R

    Don Cherry fired from Hockey Night In Canada

    I never thought I'd see the day. For decades he's been paid to be an offensive editorial commentator, it's his schtick, but I guess he went too far this time. The shame is that this will be what he's remembered for, rather than all the philanthropic work he's done with kids and hockey. It is...
  10. James R


    New phone day (yesterday actually). I finally broke away from Apple and got myself a Samsung S10, which I'm liking so far. It got me very aggravated yesterday because I couldn't get my main email to work on it, but I finally figured out that something went wrong during the information transfer...
  11. James R

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

    We just finished our turkey dinner with all the fixings, homemade pumpkin pie for dessert, but I can barely move right now so it’ll have to wait a while. Today, and everyday, I’m thankful for the health of my family and friends, as well as myself. I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head...
  12. James R

    I’m literally shocked by how awesome this guitar is.

    I bought this for my gf years ago when she decided she wanted to learn, but unfortunately, she never took to it. It’s been sitting in my storage locker for many moons, untouched and unplayed, until yesterday. I had to go dig some stuff out and saw it leaning in the corner in its gig bag...
  13. James R

    Boss wants to see you!

    Warning: NSFW!! ...go tell the one legged man... :rofl:
  14. James R

    Hetfield back in rehab, shows postponed.

    From their fb page... A Note from Lars, Kirk, and Rob We are truly sorry to inform our fans and friends that we must postpone our upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand. As most of you probably know, our brother James has been struggling with addiction on and off for many years. He has...
  15. James R

    The King returns

    I know there’s a lot of Myers and Voorhees fans around here, and I love them both, but to me there’s only one true King of the Slashers... Mr. Freddy Krueger. I heard that this was being made, but sort of forgot about it. The trailers are actually a little underwhelming, but I’m reserving...
  16. James R

    What’s the last thing you spent money on

    ...and would you rather have an unending lifetime supply of it, or have all the money back that you’ve ever spent on it previously? The only caveat for my little game is that you can’t profit on the lifetime supply by selling it to others, and it’s non transferable. It’s for you, and you alone...
  17. James R

    Oops, never mind.

    I was going to post a thread, but realized the subject matter had no hot topic triggers or cause for outrage, and, well, y’know, I just don’t feel like bucking the trend today. :rofl: Happy Friday, y’all.
  18. James R

    Taming a bright LP?

    I have a few LPs, love them all for different reasons. One of them is a Sig T that is much brighter than any of my others, and I’d like to darken it up a bit. It’s totally usable as is, and has sat stock since I got it in 2014, so it’s not like I need to darken it up, I’d just really like to...
  19. James R

    Which foot do you tap?

    Which foot do you tap when you’re playing your guitar? Fret or strumming hand? I noticed that if I’m standing while playing that I tap my left foot (fret hand foot), but if I’m sitting, I always tap my right foot (strumming hand). Is that weird?
  20. James R

    Brian Johnson to tour with AC/DC again?

    Rumour mill has it that Brian will be doing a 2019/2020 world tour with the band, and it’s apparently going to be announced this week. If true, I think it’s great that he can get back out with the band. I guess it probably took a bit...

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