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  1. anorton

    1958 Les Paul Special at Goodwill

    Looks like its led a hard life. Very cool, nonetheless.
  2. anorton

    Chibson announces surgical masks added to case candy!

    As the subject suggests.
  3. anorton

    Fingertips kind of sticking to fretboard

    Hi folks, sorry if the title is confusing. Lately, when I'm playing my LP, my fingers are slightly sticking to the fretboard when I'm doing vibrato. It's not a major problem with the notes, but I can hear my fingers rubbing against the neck through the amp. I've never experienced this before...
  4. anorton

    Photo resizing

    Searched around for an answer but couldn’t find one. When resizing photos to upload, what’s the optimal size? There‘re a few options in a photo resizing app I downloaded, but I have no clue what size is optimal for the site. Frustrating using a iPhone.
  5. anorton

    Rock and Roll Exhibit at The Met in NYC

    This looks pretty cool! Play it Loud: The Instruments of Rock and Roll At The Met Fifth Avenue APRIL 8–OCTOBER 1, 2019
  6. anorton

    Loving My Traditional

    Nobody understands this but you all. She’s 4 months old and inspires me daily.
  7. anorton

    NGD: 2019 LP Traditional

    I’ve been wanting one like this since I was 15. After almost 40 years, the wait is over.

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