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  1. VastHorizon

    Hello there!

    Hey, guys! How have you been? It has been a while, hasn’t it? Took a bit of a hiatus, but now hoping to keep myself up to date. See you around the forum!
  2. VastHorizon

    Finally Decided on a Job...

    So here I am - a semester away from finishing university. I graduate in April 2014. I have a few job offers lined up and the time has come for me to decide which one to go with. When I first started my final year of school, I said to myself, "Hey, whichever offer comes first, I'll take it...
  3. VastHorizon

    NGD: 2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus

    After selling most of my guitars, I just got a new Les Paul to replace my R8 that I was forced to sell. 2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus I like it. :dude: Played great, but I stuck an SD SH-1B in the bridge. I need to change the pots to 500kOhms with 50's wiring. Not a big fan of the current...
  4. VastHorizon

    Looking For: Electronics Equipment

    Hello guys, I hope all is well. I'm currently looking for some electronics equipment to use for school as it's my final (yaaayyy!) year. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone has some of these laying around that aren't getting used and are willing to let go of, please do let me know...
  5. VastHorizon

    Japan has raised the bar...

    ...on pranks. My apologies if this has already been posted. 일본 공룡몰카 2 - YouTube
  6. VastHorizon

    Bad Grandpa

    I don't watch Jackass, but this looks like it's going to be a load of fun. :laugh2: That last bit is priceless! Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - Official Trailer - YouTube
  7. VastHorizon

    FS: 65 Amps Stone Pony High-Powered (Toronto Area)

    I won't go into the too much detail, but I have to do this. With school bills coming up, physiotherapy expenses (I broke my neck), and to pay for money I owe, I will have to let go of most of my gear. So here is the first one up on the block. It is is with a VERY heavy heart that I will have to...
  8. VastHorizon


    He's doing it right!
  9. VastHorizon

    FS: Wizz Premium Clone PAF Pickups

    This is my own personal set that I used in the PAF shootout demo. Sadly, I could really use the funds for physiotherapy of my neck and upcoming tuition costs. This pains me a lot since I have wanted this set for so long before pulling the trigger on it, but I need to live without it. Comes with...
  10. VastHorizon

    The CANADIAN PAF Pickup Shootout of 2013 Since you guys frequent the backstage more than the actual guitar forum, I figured I would post it here. We are finally done the shootout! The link is at the top!
  11. VastHorizon

    The CANADIAN PAF Pickup Shootout of 2013

    Here we go, folks! The website is up and running! Click on the image above and it should redirect you to the page. It has been a long time coming, but we've done it. The voting system is as follows: - listen to all the clips before making a decision - have the voting page open while listening...
  12. VastHorizon

    A Simple Request

    Howdy, folks! As you may (or may not) know, we are working on a PAF pickup shootout and I have written a page for it. Would you mind just taking a look around and providing constructive criticisms on the layout, functionality, and if you can also suggest a winder or two who would be willing to...
  13. VastHorizon

    LF: Reverb and Compressor

    Does anyone have a reverb and compressor laying around that they're willing to get rid of? I can't afford much, so just cheap and simple ones will do. Thank you
  14. VastHorizon

    WTB: Historic Parts

    Looking for: - Historic Truss Rod cover/s - Black tophat knobs with silver reflectors US size - Knob pointer/s - ABR-1 Bridge/s Need multiple of each please and thank you.
  15. VastHorizon


    I've got a line in on a 1995 PRS McCarty Model, but it has a few dings, wear marks, a small chunk out of the back, etc. How much is the fair price for it? I need to get back to the seller by tonight, so I would appreciate any and all your help on this. This will be my first PRS - if ever the...
  16. VastHorizon

    Taylor 314CE

    Any idea of how much a used one is worth? About to do a trade for it as I am having a hard time selling a certain guitar and wondering what I can sell it for. Thanks
  17. VastHorizon

    "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" is coming back!

    YES, PLEASE! 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' returns with Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles | Inside TV |
  18. VastHorizon


    Anyone know what happened to Fil? His website,, is down. Last Activity: 11-10-2012 08:29 AM He has been greatly missed.
  19. VastHorizon

    I Need All The Help I Can Get... (Prayers and thoughts)

    Tomorrow, I have an interview for a student position - not just with any company, but it's one of the most prestigious here in Canada that's related to my field. It's the sort of job that will help me IMMENSELY in developing my career. I've been on the MLP forum for almost 5 years now and I...
  20. VastHorizon

    THE Canadian PAF Pickup Shootout Invitation

    Alright, folks. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE INVITATION VIDEO Andrew came over and I quickly grabbed the camera and started recording. It's not representative of the quality of the demo video as I was caught off guard and was not really set up. Here's Andrew's...

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