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    NGD...2018 LPC 1957 VOS Antique Pelham Blue

    I have never seen a Custom in this colour. Very rare indeed. Nice buy!
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    Heritage Guitars Has Launched Legal Action Against Gibson Brands

    Guitar forums 101. People saying they are done with Gibson over legal enforcement of copyright of their guitars. Yet they will stay on said Gibson Les Paul forum to make an appearance on the next copyright thread were they will say the same thing in 2 years time.
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    Aging a New Les Paul Junior

    One of my friends leave them outside in the sun to get the checking. One of the more popular topics on guitar forums in the last 10 years. Initially, i was not a fan, but now, they are a big part of the Fender and Gibson market. If you have to do it, keep it minimal in yerms of the edges and top.
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    Goldtop LOVE! Post them!

    I have 1* 1971 Deluxe with white P90's and 2 * 1973 Deluxes with Mini Humbuckers. All are three piece necks.
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    Aged 59 Reissue 60th Anniversary

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    Gibson Deleted YouTube Videos. Mark Agnesi Fired?

    At the end of the day, that is what they should be judged on. The misconceptions of the internet are not isolated to the guitar community.
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    Anders Osborne - Guitars Stolen

    With this particular guys guitars, all of the descrptions listed are wrong. That's not a '68 Strat or a '74 LP Custom. Post theft, his models have been upgraded slightly. It happens. All too common unfortunately. Most of Jimi Hendrix' nice guitars used live were flogged.
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    So, I Went To Gibson...

    That is amazing. Nice work. I wish my son showed some interest in these things.
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    Tom Murphy Painted 2018 Gibson 1959 Reissue Les Paul

    I dont have the Les Paul, but would you believe in my lounge room, i have a 58 worn Tremolux left of a 1965 reissue Deluxe Reverb. We have identical amps if that is a Tremolux. Coincidence? Pictured today for FB, a '73 goldtop next to a '71 goldtop Deluxe with P 90s.
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    NGD 68 sg standard, I found one!

    That is wild.
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    1971 Gibson SG Deluxe

    OK, Latest and greatest gear to join the stable. A 1971 Gibson SG Deluxe with a Gibsonesque Bigsby thing on the end to make restringing so much easier. If you thought restringing your guitar was difficult, restringing the high B and E strings on this guitar is quite literally a two man job...
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    June Backing Track of the Month #62

    These are awesome for improving. Seem really nice tones. Will have to learn how to record my amplifier correctly onto the PC.
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    '53 conversion / Playing Jimmy as I sing Plant

    If I say you play and sing well, will you sell me that guitar? I am chasing a '53 or '54 conversion.
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    2018 Historic '59 In-Hand Observations

    Great info Mark. Thanks.
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    1971 Les Paul Deluxe Investment?

    I would go for a '68 Les Paul Standard instead. Or a 50's Jr. And that is not 100% original. It has two casings around the mini-buckers. So it has been restored most likely after humbuckers were put in it. Routed etc. It may have just had the P-90's ripped out. Just because it is listed as...
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    NGD - 1973 Les Paul Standard

    OK, New guitar for my online shop. An all original 1973 Les Paul Standard - 1958 Re-issue. Because the sides are not book-matched, the guitar has a number 2 above the serial. Allegedly, only 4 were ever made in 1973. Available online on my store from this weekend. *Mod Edit* It will be...
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    UPS and CITES trouble

    That is an apalling response.
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    "Good Years" and "Bad Years" for Gibson Les Pauls

    Someone was trying to tell me the other day to stay away from R8's and R9's between 2009-2012. He said the 2013 pickup in them was a much needed improvement that commands more money today in resale of these instruments.
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    Les Paul as an Instrument of Murder

    Dude, guitars don't kill people. People kill people.
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    So let's see those Strats!

    62 Stratocaster with green guard, clay dots and Brazilian rosewood neck. I will never sell it: 54 Stratocaster with single ply guard: Only modification is a 5 way switch (3 way in case). The circular holes have been dug out on the back plate. But all the plastic is bakelite. Screws on...

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