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  1. karaterick

    Taylor T5-S1 - Nice Flame Top

    These guitar are awesome IMO. Do just a lot really well and super playable! PRICE DROP - $1400 Shipped $1575 Shipped Taylor T5-S1 Flamed Sunburst
  2. karaterick

    2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard GT

    Badass guitar right here. Full in balls out rocker! Hard to photograph but looks amazing in person. PRICE DROP $2050 Shipped $2200 Shipped 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard GT...
  3. karaterick

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard Desert Burst - Amazing Top

    This is the best looking and playing LP I’ve ever owned and I’ve had quite a few. PRICE DROP $2250 $2400 Shipped Gibson Les Paul Standard T 2016
  4. karaterick

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Blueberry Burst

    Killer looking guitar here. The top is very well done in this one. PRICE DROP - $2100 Shipped Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2019 Blueberry Burst...
  5. karaterick

    2018 Gibson SG - Autumn Shade

    Great guitar. Autumn Shade is a beautiful color. A couple of tiny dings but in excellent condition. Includes Gibson Hardshell Case. Not the gig bag. PRICE DROP $1250 to your door $14
  6. karaterick

    Price Drop 2008 Gibson Robot Explorer. Ebony Fretboard

    Near mint condition 2008 Gibson Robot Explorer. Tuners have been changed to manual. Guitar is jus a straight up a$$ kicker. Ebony Fretboard, low action and narly sound. Price Drop to $1650 Gibson Explorer Robot Metallic Red...
  7. karaterick

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard Mojave Burst - Dimarzio

    Selling a pretty near mint 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard in rare Mojave Burst. Guitar is currently equipped with Dimarzio Super Distortions in both positions and also has Dimarzio wiring. I am including the original PCB board, but do not have the original pickups. If that’s a deal breaker let me...
  8. karaterick

    Please Tell Me What I Have Here - Pickup Wiring

    I bought this 2018 LP Standard that had aftermarket Dimarzio Super Distortions and Upgraded pots and what not. I want to return it back to stock with the original board and pickups in order to sell it and I want to install the Dimarzio pups in the 2016 LP that I am keeping. I’m not sure where...
  9. karaterick

    2008 Gibson Flying V Brimstone GOTM

    2008 Gibson Flying V in stunning Brimstone. 2008 GOTM limited production model. Only 1,000 made. Real Ebony fretboard. Complete badassery on this one. This guitar is conservatively rated at very good to excellent condition. Only issues are pick marks and swirl marks that show up during close...
  10. karaterick

    Ivory EVH 5150iii - 50 Watt Head

    EVH 5150 iii - 50 Watt All Tube Head. Works and sound fantastic. Great versatility covering just about any genre of music. Not a closet queen as she has some bumps and bruises, but structurally and functionally she is in fantastic condition . $675 Plus Shipping EVH 5150 III 50W Tube Amp Head...
  11. karaterick

    EVH 5150 iii - 50 watt head

    Excellent condition. I’m sure you all know this amp but here are the specs. $750 shipped. 5150III 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Specifications: Electronics Wattage: 50 watt Effects Loop: Yes Inputs: Front Panel Instrument ¼" Mono Jack (Insert) Headphone Jack: 1/4" Stereo Jack Line Out: Line Out...
  12. karaterick

    2019 Gibson SG Modern - Blueberry Fade SOLD

    Selling a lightly used Gibson SG Modern in Blueberry Fade. Ebony fretboard, not Richlite. PRICE DROP $1450 Shipped $1500 $1650 shipped. Includes Hardshell case and case candy! SG Modern Electric Guitar Specifications: Body Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material...
  13. karaterick

    USA Charvel So-Cal Pagan Gold

    So-Cal is a 2008 USA made in Pagan Gold. It is in near mint condition. These are phenomenal guitars. If anyone shows interest I will add more pics. Trades considered for USA Gibson’s or USA Jackson’s. $1800 Shipped Thanks Charvel So-Cal 2008 Pagan Gold...
  14. karaterick

    Marshall Origin 20 Watt Head - Mint

    Used a couple of hours. I really like this amp but have a EVH 5150 iii on the way and just can’t keep them both. Marshall Origin 20 ORI20H 20-Watt Guitar Amp Head $325 plus shipping...
  15. karaterick

    New Acquisitions

  16. karaterick

    Replacement for Burstbucker Pros? Dimarzio Perhaps?

    Just got a 2016 LP Standard and I don’t think I jive with the Burstbucker Pros. Liked the 57 Classics in my Epi Tribute LP better. So I’m thinking Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and 36th Anniversary in the neck. I like a raw and raunchy tone and play blues, classic rock, and. 80s -...
  17. karaterick

    WTB - Dimarzio Classic Rock P/U Set

    Looking for the Dimarzio Super Distortion / 36th Anniversary set in Cream. Gibson LP spacing.
  18. karaterick

    Got my first LP Standard Today

    My 2016 LP Standard arrived today. I’ve owned a Trad Pro and Classic and several Studios, but never a Standard. Now, do I get a V or an SG next?
  19. karaterick

    Best and Worst Years For LP Standards

    Considering buying a used LP Standard. Are there any particular years I should gravitate towards or better yet stay away from?
  20. karaterick

    2018 Les Paul Deluxe Players Info

    Curious what your thoughts and experiences are with this? Looks intriguing but I’m not so sure about the mini humbuckers. Can they do high gain well? Any other points of interest either positive or negative?

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