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    Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Caribbean Night

    Cool color, nice wood -- looks good! :thumb:
  2. Bend'n'Slide

    Did I get a "factory second" or "b-stock" without knowing?

    And that's exactly the problem with looking at pics on the internet... :confused: I'm glad the store are taking it back and sorting it for you!
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    Did I get a "factory second" or "b-stock" without knowing?

    I'm always slightly wary of online diagnosis at a distance using what I can glean from pics rather than what I can see and feel when holding a guitar in my hands! Having said that, a lot of what I can see just looks like a knot in the rosewood near the edge of the board up by the bass end of...
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    NGD...NW: Wildwood Select 50's in Unburst

    Wow — that’s pretty! Unburst was always such a no-brainer for including in the options for the Standard ‘50s. I’m glad Wildwood used it in their limited runs. Congratulations!! Enjoy, and play it in good health! :applause:
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    Aging Lacquer/Yellowing binding. Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s

    Any musical instrument will begin to age from the moment it is built. The factors which affect how it ages and how quickly that happens are myriad and will depend upon the construction and finishing materials and the finishing processes, and everything that it is exposed to over time: sunlight...
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    Which Gibson Features or Designs You Wish Were Different?

    The are many little things about pretty much EVERY guitar design that are subject to the whim of personal preference or dislike: Strat and Tele selectors getting knocked whilst playing; lack of tone control for bridge pup on classic Strat controls set-up... There are loads of things like this...
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    Custom P 90s and Standard P 90s GT differences?

    Is this getting mixed up, confused or lost in translation with the "different P90" that is actually the Alnico V "staple" pickup in the neck position of the mid-'50s black beauty Les Paul Customs...? Just a thought.
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    NAD: Whacky Amp for Les Pauls

    Dang it all Chris -- you inadvertently fired up the GAS...!! :facepalm: ...And then I just happened to stumble across this from an online seller I've bought from before: All for just GBP £262 all-in, instead of £416...! -- and it was the only one they had. (That's about USD $340 instead of...
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    New Gibson Trad Pro V - Ugly or Beautiful?

    @TechNoir It's a good looking Lester with a nice hunk of maple and a pretty cherry 'burst on the top -- what's not to like? :cool2: The guys are correct -- every piece of wood is different and they all have their own character. It's that uniqueness that makes them what they are. If it plays...
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    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    Yep, clean Les Paul is always good! Lester and tweed Fender Blues Junior with a dollop of reverb. The Strymon Flint, especially its early ‘60s reverb and tremolo works a treat with clean Les Paul tones. I quite like a hint of analog echo too. It’s not the true Les Paul Classic ‘57 humbucker...
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    LP Modern Coil tap how good ?

    My first impression, based purely on the very tinny sound from my iPhone (!), was that (a) there’s very little in it and (b) I think I preferred the clean sound of the Burstbuckers and the overdrive sound of the ‘57 Classics — but, in truth, I really need to listen properly with some decent...
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    Ever feel like you are "there" with LPs and guitars in general?

    In fairness, I think I’m more-or-less there with my guitars. I have a nice six-string acoustic that’s been with me for decades, finally added a lovely 12-string a couple of years ago and just recently added an F-hole archtop for something a bit different. I’ve also just done a service / new...
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    NGD: Les Paul Traditional 2016

    Good choice! The ‘16 Trads are nice guitars — I’ve never been anything but delighted with mine. Congrats! :cheers:
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    Acoustic Players Poll: 80/20 vs. Phosphor Bronze vs. Other?

    Argument?! Surely not... :rofl: On balance, I agree with you -- if it's just for me sitting around and playing at home then slightly lighter works fine for me! It's also kinda instrument- or style-specific: The main things for me were: (1) am I playing a lot of slide, in which case, yes...
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    Acoustic Players Poll: 80/20 vs. Phosphor Bronze vs. Other?

    I agree, it's very dependent upon the individual instruments with acoustics. To be honest, I have wandered around quite a bit over the last 30-odd years. For example, I have a deep-bowl cutaway Ovation which has that typically "bright" Ovation sound and it seems to work just SO much better...
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    Should i return my new Gibson? #3

    HALLELUJAH!!!! Finally!!! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: Seriously, I'm pleased you eventually got this sorted. Congratulations man -- great, great guitar! (Although I have to be honest and say that I'm now dreading the extended thread that will ensue the first...
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    Should i return my new Gibson? #3

    Ah, Chris -- we expect nothing less...! :rofl:
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    My 3 most recent Fenders

    I knew it...!!! :naughty: :fingersx: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Seriously though, that FSR in Fiesta Red with gold is just such an absolute classic! For Brits, that's totally the essence of the maple-necked Hank Marvin '59 Strat. Looks fabulous and will be a gem with new pups. Thanks...
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    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    Ooooooh...! That’s NICE! :dude:
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    Remove little dings and scratches LP Trad

    Can’t see polish changing those sorts of dings and dints but, to be honest, it is what it is — which is a guitar with history and honestly acquired battlescars. An older guitar with mojo for a good price is a great thing to be sure but you also have to accept everything that comes with it...

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