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  1. azzapeel

    Which one?

    I am thinking of a blue speaker for my Ac15c1. I only know of the greenback. Just seeing what people choose as "their choice." (I know it's all about taste/opinion. I am just interested to see your votes.) Thanks in advance.
  2. azzapeel

    N.A.D. Marshall DSL5CR.

    Picked up a new marshall dsl5cr on sale at dawsons liverpool. My 1st Marshall amp. (Vox is my usual) what can I say. I love it. Great little amp. Crisp cleans to great overdrive. 2 channel and came with channel footswitch in the box. :) also has the fx loop. So I can plug my boss pedals into...
  3. azzapeel

    Vox ac15c1 2 input channels

    Not sure if this is the right section to post..... .. can you run the 2 outputs (L) &(R) of a boss me 80 to the 2 inputs of a Vox ac15c1? Making it run both top boost and normal at the same time? I know an ABY pedal will do it......
  4. azzapeel

    G.a.s cured?

    So there I am going through life thinking I have all the guitars I need. I really thought my gas was cured... I popped in to my local guitar shop to buy my son some strap locks, strap etc for his birthday.... and I spotted a cheap 335 style guitar made by a company called Vintage. Very similar...
  5. azzapeel

    Boss rc3 looper

    Anyone on here got one of these pedals? Would you recommend them? Been looking around and it's grabbed my attention. Thanks in advance.
  6. azzapeel


    So I haven't had G.A.S. in just over 5 years. Not since I bought my last Gibson Les Paul .... I have always liked certain fender guitar models. I was suprised christmas day when my wife and kids bought me my favourite fender model. The fender mustang. I also like this model more with the lack of...
  7. azzapeel

    are you satisfied?

    Just wondering how many people here are satisfied with their gear? Me myself, i have 2 LPs, 2 acoustics and a few amps. Not had gas since 2012 and going strong. I am happy with what i have. I think i am cured of gas :thumb: anyone else cured? Or am i alone? :D
  8. azzapeel

    antikythera mechanism blew my mind away.

    Has anyone had their mind blown away with this? Its f*ckin amazing to think someone over 2000 years ago made this complex thing. :applause::wow::cool:
  9. azzapeel

    2011-2012 Classic customs count.

    Hi guys, i was wondering how many of us on MLP own the Classic Customs with the split diamond logo, and baked maple fretboard. I will start,,,, a am number (1.) Antique Natural. Anyone else want to stand up and be counted? :fingersx: :applause:
  10. azzapeel

    valves in the uk

    Has anybody done business with with replacement valves? Not that i need any yet, just sorting a trusted source out for the future. :thumb: any other suggestions of good valve suppliers uk based welcome. I am still searching google.
  11. azzapeel

    cheap classic custom uk.

    Just browsing around when i came across this Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom | United Kingdom | Gumtree just thought i would post it to help a mlp member get a bargain. :thumb:
  12. azzapeel


    New tube amp day. Finally took the plunge into the world of tube amps, been looking for a good while. It arrived today from andertons, my new vox ac15c1. Been giving it a go with my boss me80 multi effects pedal. I am loving it. Sorry no pics yet,,,,, but we all know what an ac15c1 looks like...
  13. azzapeel

    ultra ?

    Do Gibson make a les Paul or 339 with an acoustic pickup in it??? Like epiphone ultra model?
  14. azzapeel

    what do you do????

    If you guys go on holiday, do you leave your guitars where they are? Or do you hide them away? Just curious as I fly away today. :thumb::applause:
  15. azzapeel

    is there a best of both?

    I don't know much about guitars,(as in modding) I just play them....I have a studio mahogany 60s which is amazing on distort... I have a classic custom which has amazing chimey cleans. I have messed about with pickup heights and tone knobs, eq on the amp and got good results from them. Is it...
  16. azzapeel

    are all classic customs like this?

    Hi guys, just wondering if all classic customs are like mine? Where the maple cap meets the mahogany body,,, the binding does not cover the join. I don't mind it at all if it's like others or unique,,, just wanted to know that's all.
  17. azzapeel

    traditional mahogany satin now £999

    Just browsing Dawson's music shop (UK). And I see the traditional mahogany satin has dropped in price again. Good info for people buying,,, ask for a price match. :)
  18. azzapeel

    spent my cash at last, on this.....

    I decided to go the guitar shop today. Tried allsorts, traditionals in satin. Even a335. But I ended up walkin out with this 2012 custom classic. It's totally different sound to my studio. I like it.
  19. azzapeel

    Just lookin around when I seen this.....

    I was on the net when i saw this for sale.... Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Lancashire | Guitars, Guitar Amplifiers for Sale | Is`nt the price is low for what it is? If its a legit Gibson,,,, the price is suspicious to me. What do you guys think?
  20. azzapeel

    why do gibson change gutars?

    In 2010 I bought my les Paul studio 60s mahogany satin, ebony. It has a mahogany cap, and rosewood fret board. I was wondering why Gibson changed to the studio satin which has a maple cap and I think it has a baked maple fretboard? ( if I remember correct. ) also how many other people on this...

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