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  1. MATTM

    Got a new Goldtop Standard and ... not loving it

    Just for sake of clarity, there are many Gibson Les Paul models that use short shaft pots. Here's a link to a blog post I did about it. In a nutshell: For the OP - You'll need long shaft pots.
  2. MATTM

    Very low volume from pickup

    Detailed pictures of the electronics cavity would be helpful. Include the switch as well.
  3. MATTM

    Any views on this Gibson branded Japanese counterfit

    I'd pay $50 to have that POS thrown in the dumpster where it belongs.
  4. MATTM

    New Pedalboard Build

    Here ya go, Freddy Temple Audio RGB LED for DUO 24 Pedalboard
  5. MATTM

    New Pedalboard Build

  6. MATTM

    New Pedalboard Build

    That's the controller for the LED light strip I have mounted underneath the board. Changes colors and such....
  7. MATTM

    What are the best way to get vintage/reliced accurate plastics?

    Check out Montreux Time Machine.
  8. MATTM

    why buy a Gibson?

    Agreed, as well as other things, but the point is lost...
  9. MATTM

    Overprice for a 1999 Les Paul?

    Still way too much.... You'll find the right one at the right time, bro :)
  10. MATTM

    Overprice for a 1999 Les Paul?

    NONE of those upgrades, including the refin, would make the guitar command a price like that. The seller is delusional.
  11. MATTM

    Did I get taken on this guitar?

    How so?
  12. MATTM

    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    GUITAR -> BFM Wah -> Pitch Black Tuner -> Keeley Dark Side V2 (w/ Expression Pedal) -> Catalinbread RAH -> Analogman SD-1 -> DD-3 -> AMP I've got a Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret inbound so that may or may not replace the Analogman SD-1.
  13. MATTM

    Opinions wanted on buyer complaint.

    You’re in the right here bro.
  14. MATTM

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

  15. MATTM

    Flight Simulator 2020...

    This guys home sim setup is sick!
  16. MATTM

    Cracklings pots on new 60th anniversary ‘59 les Paul

    I think we've established the pot is fried. It sucks. It happens. Just get a new pot and be done with it. But with that said, if the shop tried to fix this and sent you on your way without a resolution, I wouldn't bother going back to them.
  17. MATTM

    Cracklings pots on new 60th anniversary ‘59 les Paul

    I'm confident you'll be pleasantly surprised. And yes, WD is great to work with.
  18. MATTM

    Cracklings pots on new 60th anniversary ‘59 les Paul

    Exactly right. Most of the Historic pots I've had over the years were sub 500K.
  19. MATTM

    Cracklings pots on new 60th anniversary ‘59 les Paul

    See if you can find the CTS550K from WDMusic.UK. Assuming you're just looking to replace the pots. That'd be my first choice. I've also heard favorable ratings of the Bareknuckle Pickups Pots.
  20. MATTM

    Cracklings pots on new 60th anniversary ‘59 les Paul

    This. And it doesn't affect resale value one bit. It least in the 10+ Historic's I've owned over the years. Epi's...YMMV

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