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  1. Tone_Chaser

    Wiring issue

    Chasing a wiring issue on the Les Paul copy I built. The bridge pickup doesn't work most of the time and with both volumes down, there is still signal coming out. There is more volume with the POTS up, but still plenty of signal. I checked it with a meter and at first the bridge pickup read a...
  2. Tone_Chaser

    Stew-Mac LP Plan for sale

    I'll tell you one thing, if this sells, mine is going up right away!
  3. Tone_Chaser

    Stop bar issue?

    I've started having an issue with my LP build. I've gone through about 6 high E strings. I'll put one on and tune up and stretch it and everything seems fine. Then within a day or two I'll pick it up and it's a step to a step and a half flat. I try to tune it up and it won't come up to pitch...
  4. Tone_Chaser

    Purpleheart Question

    2018-04-22 16.13.18 9.10.11 PM by Tone_Chaser posted Apr 24, 2018 at 9:26 PMI'm starting a travel guitar project and picked up a nice piece of Purpleheart for some accent strips. I found a nice piece with some flame in it. I started getting it ready to glue up today for the center section of the...
  5. Tone_Chaser

    CNC Sale

    Not sure this would do a body but would be good for inlays and maybe even necks. I looked at it and when you put it in the cart it is $171 but when I went to check out it jumped to $235. Not sure what's going on with that. Still thinking about it though...
  6. Tone_Chaser

    Air Compressor Trouble

    Looking for some help from the brain trust here. I was shooting some color on a Jr. body over the weekend when I lost all pressure and the compressor sounded different, kind of wide open. My compressor is the 21 gallon one from Harbor Freight. Looking over the compressor, I found the black...
  7. Tone_Chaser

    Cool story, bro...

    Cool story about Tom Bartlett.
  8. Tone_Chaser

    '54 Junior Replica Build

    Last fall I decided I wanted to build a Junior, the other guitarist in my band has one and he loves it. I don't have a lot of money to dedicate to my projects so they are always very slow. This time I have been collecting all of the parts ahead of time so I would be ready to do what I needed to...
  9. Tone_Chaser

    Paint gun sale

    If you are looking for a good spray gun at a great price, Woodcraft has one on sale today only. Buy WoodRiver Pro HVLP Spray Gun with 600cc Plastic Cup at
  10. Tone_Chaser

    Adjustable Fret Press

    I've been playing with the idea of an adjustable fret press to use on compound radius fingerboards. I started thinking that I can't be the first person to think of this. I started searching the web and found this: This is way better than what I...
  11. Tone_Chaser

    2015 Les Paul Pickguard

    This may be old news here but I just looked at the 2015 Gibson models and saw the new Les Paul "clip-on" pickguard that allows you to remove the PG without leaving the screw holes in the guitar. It looks like a good concept but I've seen this type of clip break as the plastic ages and gets...
  12. Tone_Chaser

    Another Poly question

    I am looking at making the switch to poly on some of my future builds and was wondering if poly will "sun tan" the way nitro does. Can you tell me if poly will turn amber with UV exposure? Thanks!
  13. Tone_Chaser

    Need help indentifying a guitar

    My nephew found this in a dumpster and neither of us know who made it. Do any of you recognize it? It was missing most of the hardware and has a hairline crack at the headstock. He added some pickups and hardware and says it plays great and the crack doesn't affect it at all.
  14. Tone_Chaser

    Pickup Cavity Depth

    I'm in the middle of routing my pickup cavities and now I can't find my notes on what the final depth should be for a LP Standard build. I've done some searching here but can't find it again. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  15. Tone_Chaser

    My Burst build

    I've been collecting parts for a while now, really since before I found this site. I've taken a few steps toward starting this build too but nothing really serious. I think I'm ready now so that is about to change. I'm not really going for "vintage accurate" but I'm using the Catto body plans...
  16. Tone_Chaser

    I think my house is haunted

    In preparation for my burst build I bought a Jay Turser on the Bay with a broken (and missing) headstock for $5. I sawed the neck off and did my version of the Les Paul Tribal Flame design. I set it aside for a while because I was working on some other projects and when I got it back out to...
  17. Tone_Chaser

    Making templates

    I'm getting ready to start my templates for my Les Paul build from the Bartlett plans. I've seen a number of them on this site but haven't been able to find any of the pics recently. My question is when you are doing the cut outs for the neck, controls, pickups, etc. - do you leave the lines or...
  18. Tone_Chaser

    Broken truss rod

    A friend of mine bought a used Junior that needed a little attention on the neck. When he went to adjust the truss rod, it snapped right where it goes into the neck. Is there a cheaper alternative to the tool Stew-Mac sells? I don't need a tool like that right now and he would only need it...
  19. Tone_Chaser

    I thnk someone should send this to BCR Greg

    This one was too good not to share. I saw this on facebook and thought of you guys!
  20. Tone_Chaser

    You fellas are going to cost me a lot of money!

    I started gathering parts quite a while before finding this forum and have been taking some pics as I go but haven't started posting the build thread because it is going to be a very slow build. I bought a pre-slotted and routed rosewood fingerboard and some cheap inlays not thinking about...

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