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  1. Curious George

    SOLD: Tom Holmes H450/H455 set

    Tis a good question. I ordered 2 sets in Feb 2019 and was told no... however she didn't say 'never' so could have changed??? Hi, Tom is 72 and planning his retirement. He is the only employee of his business and has a current waiting list of 8-9 months. Therefore, at this time he is not...
  2. Curious George

    SOLD to Member

    I'm not a PRS guy... but the one SE I played... I couldn't believe how bleeping good it was for the $$. GLWTS bump!
  3. Curious George

    1993 Gibson SG Korina....Sold

    Congrats to the new owner... welcome to the club!
  4. Curious George

    New Kiss Les Paul. Damn it. Its awesome.

    Searching around looking at Ace Guitars... but man I love me some blue sparkle.
  5. Curious George

    WTB - Ace Frehley mid to late 1990s Gibson USA production model Les Paul

    Did you ever get one JimmyAce?? Just watching for the NGD!
  6. Curious George


    Bump from a dog guy.... GLWTS and of course good luck with the pup! BTW- Caretaker... you are def living up to that moniker!
  7. Curious George

    1993 Gibson SG Korina....Sold

    Well known that Angus owns one (however not sure the number). Maybe drop this on the SG forum ??? These are bada$$... there is a you tube vid somewhere of solo dallas playing one through a marshall and oh... my...
  8. Curious George

    Stanley Burst Match

    Not sure I see it... but love yours...looks fantastic!
  9. Curious George

    SOLD.....2013 Alpine White burst flame top Signature T

    Bump for Caretaker! I remember seeing these in person a few years back... so cool! If i didn't just buy another R9 this would be on it's way to me!
  10. Curious George

    WTB Late 1990s Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom production model

    Hey Jimmy... that one at LaVonne was one of the 300 (no longer there)... I think you were looking for the production model that came after? I keep a casual eye out for that kind of stuff... so if I see anything, will PM you.
  11. Curious George

    What makes the SG have 'the thing' that the Les Paul doesnt have..

    still one of the coolest SGs ever made... and Stinky Kitty’s a great guy to boot!
  12. Curious George

    What makes the SG have 'the thing' that the Les Paul doesnt have..

    I am no pro, but i do think ‘bite’ is how I think of an SG. I like SGs... I remember seeing kid Anderson (blues) and the sg was smoking... of course ANGUS is prob my fave and Clapton strange brew (sg) is maybe my fave Clapton.
  13. Curious George

    FS: Soldano SLO 100 Super Lead Overdrive

    Bump for JHS.. great guy and seller!
  14. Curious George

    Soldano SLO-100 2003 sold!!!

    My SLO was one of my favorite amps... glwts!
  15. Curious George

    FS: 2004 Gibson “Hot ‘Lanta” Les Paul 1959 Reissue

    Unbelievable guitar, great seller!
  16. Curious George

    A Yooper saying Hi

    Touching story... dont ever let that guitar go!!!...and welcome!

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