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    Beaded Groove Power strap
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    No Prisoners by Well-Hung
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    House Stark
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    Paisley 1969 Series
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    Jabberwock by Well-Hung
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    Ace of Spades by Well-Hung guitar Straps
  7. TVvoodoo

    Please rate my simple mix

    @Rocco Crocco Did you ever do anything with this? I'd like it for a music bed for a little video I'm making if you would allow me to use it royalty free. I like to see if I can use stuff that people start, but often never finish, then it sits hidden away in the hard drive never to see the...
  8. TVvoodoo

    Post an original song you wrote!

    a little social commentary for your Tuesday pleasure
  9. TVvoodoo

    Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky’

    just recently worked out "Pay No Mind" by Beck. There's a great couple lines in the second verse about "Sales climb(ing) higher, like a giant dildo crushing the sun" I sing it with relish.
  10. TVvoodoo

    Show us your acoustic!

    Meet The Angry Chicken - possibly the most ungoodest custom acoustic/electric couch guitar in existence. Thankfully there is only one. It is my sad destiny to suffer ownership as punishment for helping to devise it.
  11. TVvoodoo

    Aged TV Yellow Project

    I like the base colour you ended up getting there, but for me the key factor of a TVY is the proper contrasty grain fill choice & technique, which I think is missing here a little bit. I have never done an actual TVY, but did try a "limed" finish once. A big factor in the result was I did spend...
  12. TVvoodoo

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Literally about to tackle a mountain some progress on this one...
  13. TVvoodoo

    Your music room. Lets see it!

    Not talented enough to deserve a whole dedicated room, but I was able to claim a reasonably-sized gear grotto
  14. TVvoodoo

    Happy Fathers Day

    I got pancakes! Grilling for my dad later.
  15. TVvoodoo

    Anybody Remember Klaatu?

    I have this 45 in my collection from my teens.
  16. TVvoodoo

    Reply to review by 'TVvoodoo' on item 'Well-Hung Straps Shock and Awe are Awesome!'

    And, the maker is an MLP brother too. Here's #09 and #50
  17. TVvoodoo

    I'm drinking some April Wine

    Brian Greenway joined up on Strat-Talk last week, he's got some interesting tales, we messaged back and forth a bit. He put some pics up of his massively player relic'd LP custom.
  18. TVvoodoo

    How do you straplock your Les Paul?

    The middle one.
  19. TVvoodoo

    I'm drinking some April Wine

    Digging the underappreciated Cancon today. Looking forward to the kickaxe

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