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  1. lowe

    New Bully puppy needs name

    Memphis was going to be my first childs name haha. harley rambo kimbo kilo zip axl wylde wile e willy nelson ammo I like nelson, or kimbo
  2. lowe

    Zakk Wylde Farewell Ballad cover

    Thank you, i tried to sort of fake his super fast runs, with hammer ons and pull offs but the tone is horrid! i cant stand it
  3. lowe

    Zakk Wylde Farewell Ballad cover

    He had an invite on his facebook asking people to cover the farewell ballad solo. I hurried to record it, and got some shitty tone. It was in one take, but hell he ended up liking it, so i felt damn cool. Til i realized he liked every video that was posted as a reply Farewell Ballad - Zakk...
  4. lowe

    Scholarship song, done with GarageBand

    Its the first out of three, I have a blues and a straight metal song with more guitar. It was supposed to be a rhythm groove track that vocals could be added to. The solo is at 3:38, the part I'm most proud of...
  5. lowe

    Best Vibe Pedal: I need help!

    I have one for sale if anyone is interested.
  6. lowe

    Worst movie you have seen so far this year

    I thought i heard she had a stand in actress for that part?
  7. lowe

    Free banana man!

    This is the shit that woulda happened when i was in school. Except he would have been expelled for the year..
  8. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    If it wasn't for my father helping me out SO much, there's no way i could do it. Im really skeptical about it, it'll be a huge leap. Im also hoping on some scholarships! :hmm:
  9. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    You made me question it, i was like whhaaaa..?????....naaa haha.
  10. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    Sure will, im sure theres many LA users here also..
  11. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    i just checked out your channel and your videos, i miss the one with you and the dog shock collar and the electric fence lol! but i think so, as long as its fun and i dont argue with everyone! but i dont think well ever get the old school vibe back..
  12. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    you nailed "ice cream cats" without the pictures I can just picture cats, and ice cream:lol:
  13. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    pretty well, never been better. steady girlfriend, good home life, workin. just took a long break from mlp. it used to just frustrate me and i always found my self only posting to bring people down or fight with em! haha...but im back! :naughty: what about you fine sir?
  14. lowe

    Anyone remember me?

    I see a few familiar users around here, not too many though. I used to frequently the forum quite often, just stopped for a while i guess. I'm 18 years old and attending Musicians Institute is Hollywood next fall, recording some songs for some scholarship opportunities I'd love to share once...
  15. lowe

    JamVOX - guitar extraction?

    I hated the trial version, i wonder if the trial version is really watered down though
  16. lowe

    She's leaving tomorrow...What should I do.

    Yeah, im not retarded if you'd like me to clear that up. beause I'm leeeeeeaviiiin on a jet plane i don't knooooowww when I'll be back again oh babe I hate to go
  17. lowe

    Where were you at 21?

    I always picture you as a fat man, because your avatar :laugh2:
  18. lowe

    She's leaving tomorrow...What should I do.

    is that from a twilight book or something :shock: :laugh2:

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