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  1. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    After years of ignoring, i found new love for my 81´ custom which i own since 1984. Had to change some parts over the years, but she survived the 80th without any "out of phase" extra holes ;) Had the DiMarzio AirNorton and the ToneZone installed, but now im back to the original Shaw pickups...
  2. stephan_l

    How does a Les Paul "535" case look? (around 1980)

    Hi all, this photo is from an gibson catalog around 1980-81. I would like to know which case was meant with "535" back then. How does it look?
  3. stephan_l

    Burst Pictures in the House? Show it....

    Hi, we all love les pauls and specially a beautiful burst. But b/c they made not enough for everyone (hrhr), do you show your dream in pictures in your house? So, show it here :) My choice: 9 1953 alias "Claw" alias "Carmelita"

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