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  1. Curious George

    Heading to Paris... need some tips!

    Hi everyone... taking the wife to Paris as shes had a tough year and always wanted to go. I bought some guidebooks however figure there is a wealth of knowledge here as well! Will be there 5 days and budget... well lets not even talk about it lol... i am not rich by any means, so no Michelin...
  2. Curious George

    Anyone Currently At Guitarlington (or Guitarftworth)

    PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE... post some pics if you can Wanted to go so badly but circumstances beyond my control kept me from joining a buddy. Starving for news/pics!
  3. Curious George


    Have a missing black custom shop coa book... but have the gembar era insert. Long shot, but anyone have one?? No funny biz... happy to provide the serial and photos of my guitar if someone has one. I used to have an 'in' at the custom shop that might have been able to help, however he was laid...
  4. Curious George

    Search not working

    using iPad and iPhone Search just doesn’t seem to be working. Assume you are aware... just calling out in case.
  5. Curious George

    Suggestion to default the search to 'most recent'

    The search currently defaults to relevant vs most recent...which as someone who uses the search feature frequently is a huge pita given the most recent results are usually the most relevant. Unless I want to dig through pages of 10 year old posts, I have to go into the advance search...
  6. Curious George

    What is GDPR and why is it shutting down gear sites!

    Didn't find any threads around this if there is one, mods please delete. Historic LP Database being shut down in a few days (get the views in while you can), Tonehome vintage pedal site down now as a result of GDPR. Data protection... sounds like a good thing.... cool gear sites shutting...
  7. Curious George


    Trying to delete thread per ask from new owner of guitar?
  8. Curious George

    A Forum Brother Lost His Dog Today...

    Out of the blue, one of the MLPrs saw my signature note about losing my pup and sent me some very kind words a few weeks back. Today I heard he unexpectedly lost his own best friend and man I feel for him. Those that have Dogs usually understand the bond. Bad day, messy hair, no shower, wrong...
  9. Curious George

    WTB Road case for amp

    Looking for a 2x12 DR case AND a marshall head case. Given shipping, prob has to be local to the twin cities area to make sense. PM me if you have something.
  10. Curious George

    WTB Epiphone Budokan

    Have a buddy that wants to get an epi budokan... he recently bought an amos new from JB's stock and loves it. He's on the jackson forum but not here... so if anyone has one fs, shoot me an im and I will pass it along. Prefers minty as he wants it as a wall hang. Thanks!
  11. Curious George

    Does anyone else hate the xbox one!!!

    Nephew came by today... fired up the xbox for him... been a while. 1. cant save your place in the game unless you 'log in' to your profile 2. I log in and it forces me to update... no choice in the matter 3. I update... nephew waiting waiting waiting... 4. Now that it is updated, it wants me...
  12. Curious George

    Old New Old '68 SG day

    Not exactly a NGD, but a New Post of an old guitar. Posting up this one as it is just so interesting imho. One owner, excellent condition, orig case etc. What makes it so unusual? 1. it is highly figured mahogany. I found another on tlpf from a 2010 post of another '68 with similar figuring...
  13. Curious George

    Going for Lamest Ad of all time here... Master Luthier built guitar

    SOLD... thanks to all for the interest and kind words.
  14. Curious George

    FS White Sourmash head cab custom made for Marshall 3203

    Putting this up for one of my best friends who patronizes a pointy guitar forum :-) Sourmash head cabinet custom made specifically for the Marshall 3203 amp. A 4203 combo amp will fit but have small gaps on either side because the opening is a bit wider. It had a 4203 mounted at one point so...
  15. Curious George

    Anyone own a Mo Baby (baby Moderne)... need some pics!

    I have a wire that has come loose so need a pic of the control cavity to know where it goes. It's the white wire coming off the circuit board harness... any help?
  16. Curious George

    My 68 SG bridge pup needs new mags...suggestions?

    Orig pat stick and all orig solder joints. i need to replace or recharge the weak original mags on the bridge pup (neck is fine). Looking specifically for someone who has done this with a vintage SG given the distinct sound of an sg vs say a les Paul...and based upon your experience, what...
  17. Curious George

    Calling all techs.. can anyone suggest an iphone data recovery software?

    Wifey smashed iphone (6 iirc) so the touch screen is not functional. Never synced and she doesn't have icloud. What does she have... lots and lots of pictures of curious george (our pup) that I would love to not lose. Seems like there is freeware/software out there that might work to recover...
  18. Curious George

    Gibson rosewood fretboard and Flying V headstock veneer

    Cleaning out the cupboards... and found this pair. From a Gibson repair guy in Michigan, I have a rosewood Gibson fingerboard and a flying V fiber veneer with the Gibson logo in pearl. These are genuine Gibson items, and given the headstock overlay has the logo, it must be used for repair only...
  19. Curious George

    need help with a pickup id

    Was in a forum members 96 LP... Pat No. stamped baseplate... no sticker, and no ink date Double white bobbins- orange wire. No T on the bobbins, Round hole to see the orange wire Rough cast magnet Guessing it might just be a parts pickup... as i couldn't find anything corresponding...
  20. Curious George

    '68 SG... please suggest aftermarket case

    Looking for an aftermarket case so that i feel comfortable toting my '68 around without a latch giving way, handle falling off etc. Looking for someone with actual experience if possible. Not sure who the '68 SG devotees on the forum might be. PS- Before folks chime in, I tried an SKB...

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