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  1. Chakalawaka

    Any views on this Gibson branded Japanese counterfit

    Whoever did the mod is a moron, the top of the head stock has been cut so the binding is missing, which makes it even more obvious that it's a mod..
  2. Chakalawaka

    Got an Ibanez Iceman? Post your pix!

    Seems like the thread is pretty dead but anyway here's an update: :naughty::naughty: Rather nice innit? I'm thinking about changing the black tip to amber switch tip, not sure if it would look nice though...
  3. Chakalawaka

    60th Anniversary 60 - My impressions

    Beautiful guitar! I had the same struggle with my Ibanez PS120 earlier this year... I kept it hehe I'm a professional photographer, and here's my tip for bursts: The burst view, as it is called in Beauty of the Burst, can be obtained by having a direct light (Flash light works best) next to the...
  4. Chakalawaka

    So what’s wrong with Quilt tops on reissues?

    THIS. It's the same for me, quilt top = cheap-ass les paul copies and what not... It just doesn't look good.
  5. Chakalawaka

    Got an Ibanez Iceman? Post your pix!

    Here's my PS-120 that I picked up a couple of months ago... I upgraded the headstock with Sperzel locking tuners, for better tuning stability and ease of string change. This guitar is absolutely fantastic, I used to have the IC-400 when I was a teenager and I always regretted selling it. My...
  6. Chakalawaka

    Vintage 1956 Les Paul Special...well loved

    Amazing piece of history, would be a crime to refin that beauty.
  7. Chakalawaka

    3D Printed Les Paul Junior

    I'm on the edge of my seat! Definitely makes for a more interesting read when I'm supposed to work..!
  8. Chakalawaka

    1952 Gibson LP Gold Top - To Restore or To Convert?

    I wouldn't touch the finish on this, it's way too beautiful... I would route out the pickup cavities clean and make a "plug" to support humbuckers, get a pair of BK Mules, put a bridge/tailpiece duo, find a replacement tuner for the G string and here you go :) But I would most likely keep it.
  9. Chakalawaka

    Bare Knuckle: Aged Nickel vs Aged Raw Nickel humbucker cover

    Hey everyone, I'm about to order some Bare Knuckle pickups and can't seem to decide between Aged Nickel and Aged Raw Nickel, so I was wondering if any of you lovely people have either of those finishes and share some piccies to help decide? They will go in this beauty: Cheers!
  10. Chakalawaka

    For The Love of Flame...

    Enjoy :-)
  11. Chakalawaka

    The Unofficial Official "Pending NGD" Thread

    Getting this 1989 Greco Mint Collection 68-50 next week!!
  12. Chakalawaka

    Tokai Love Rock NGD

    Fair enough bro, although I am planning to get the whole guitar refinished, and I do personally think it's worth it but to each their own :)
  13. Chakalawaka

    Tokai Love Rock NGD

    Hell yeah, I'm getting more and more into the idea of a GT! Here's a few link to some of his pic heavy threads, he's brilliant:
  14. Chakalawaka

    Tokai Love Rock NGD

    I thought about a Tobacco burst as well yeah, got any piccies of yours? :hmm: Woah that's a nice guitar you've got there!! I know a guy in London who does pretty good refins with aging for a good price, he did my Les Paul so I trust him blindy! Here's mine (I'm a professional photographer)...
  15. Chakalawaka

    Tokai Love Rock NGD

    Hey guys! I'm soon going to be the happy owner of this Tokai Love Rock model LS113S CS Cherry Sunburst. Has anyone seen any like this before or has any information? The craftsmanship on this guitar is bloody amazing! I love the p90s, the neck is well chunky, which is exactly what I was...
  16. Chakalawaka

    Is this gibson legit?

    The shape of the horn is waaaaaaay off, even by 70s/80s standards.
  17. Chakalawaka

    NGD - Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959

    Keep touching it then :naughty:
  18. Chakalawaka

    new slang that i just dont get.

    Blimey mate, just tell those plonkers to bugger off with their tosh, and there go, Bob's your uncle! :thumb:

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