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  1. jestremera

    NGD!! Les Paul Custom VOS

    I'm so psyched to be rejoining the Gibson family with the purchase of this one. It's been great in every way. It didn't come with your typical 490/498 set. It came with open coil Custom Buckers, which I like but aren't what I prefer. This was a case of wanting way more output out of the bridge...
  2. jestremera

    '78 Custom Bridge Replacement

    Hello all, Can you guys recommend a good Tune-o-matic bridge replacement for my '78 ebony Custom? It's gold. It was recommended that I consider replacing it by my luthier as the saddles have seen better days and I'd rather not get into replacing individual ones. I prefer to just drop in a whole...
  3. jestremera

    NGD x2 - 2019 Standard Goldtop and 2018 Signature Player Plus

    I've had these for a couple of weeks now but decided to post them today. They're both awesome. The Goldtop sounds and feels amazing. It became an instant favorite. You all know the specs and so no need to share them here. It's fantastic; a real player. The Signature Player Plus is a limited...
  4. jestremera

    NGD!!! 2019 LP Custom for Breakfast

    She's here!!! What a way to start the day! A brand new Custom with an ebony fretboard is the breakfast of champions!! it was delivered at 9:30 this morning and I got to spend about 30 minutes with it before leaving for work. I'm really impressed. It plays great and there wasn't an imperfection...
  5. jestremera

    Incoming!!! 2019 Les Paul Custom w/Ebony Fingerboard (Delivered!! See My NGD Post)

    I'm so stoked to be able to get a 2019 with an actual ebony fingerboard. That said, I don't hate Richlite at all. I just prefer ebony after comparing my old '78 with my 2018 Custom (now sold). Sweetwater worked with me and I ran with it. It should be home tomorrow.
  6. jestremera

    NGD - 2019 Les Paul Standard '50s Spec (More Pics Added)

    Gibson knocked it out of the park with this model. I picked it up on Saturday night and have been in love with it ever since. I can't say enough good things about it. All the of work done is impeccable. The polish on the frets is outstanding. It just feels really great. The tone is great. You...
  7. jestremera

    How Have You Modded Your Norlin?

    My '78 Custom is out for a refret right now and it will be the first mod on it of any kind. It even has the original nut. That will also likely change. I prefer it not to be done but it's necessary since nothing lasts forever. That said, please share the mods you've made on your Norlins. I'm...
  8. jestremera

    R9 - Bent Intonation Screw

    The intonation screw of the high-E string on the ABR-1 of my R9 is bent. When adjusting it, the head of the screw is closer to the string and so there's buzzing. I just got this guitar last week. I don't want to return it because I really like it. Is there an easy fix? What do you recommend?
  9. jestremera

    NGD!!!! 2017 R9 HR VOS

    She came home yesterday and I’m absolutely stunned. I’m in love
  10. jestremera

    Original Knobs for a '78 Les Paul Custom

    Hi all, Time for the next installment of Norlin Newb!!! What knobs came stock on a 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom? Below is The Music Zoo's pic of my guitar. It has three knobs labeled "Tone" and only one "Volume" (the bridge volume knob is one of the Tone-labled knobs). These are not likely the...
  11. jestremera

    Noisy Bridge Volume Pot - LPC

    The bridge volume pot on my Custom is producing a scratchy/static-like noise when I turn it. It doesn’t feel gritty and is quite smooth. Can I please get some tips on what to check and possible fixes? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. jestremera

    What Pickups in My 1978 Custom? (Updated with Pics)

    Can anyone tell me what the stock pickups in a '78 Custom would be? I know mine are stock but I didn't take them out to check the stamping on them when I was cleaning and setting it up for the first time.
  13. jestremera

    NGD!!! 1978 Custom

    A childhood dream finally came true on Saturday. I was able to get my hands on a ‘78 Custom. It’s so much better than I expected. She weighs in at a beastly 11 lbs 15 oz with the tone to match. The bridge, tailpiece, and strap buttons are the only things that are not original as far as I can...
  14. jestremera

    2018 Charvel Guthrie Govan: Sale or Trade

    2018 Charvel Guthrie Govan up for sale or trade. The guitar is great shape apart from the area just below the middle pickup being shiny from me planting my right hand fingers when I play. It includes all original case candy with the OHSC. Sale price is $2500 + $25 for shipping (CONUS only). I’m...
  15. jestremera

    Tuning Issues from Hell

    Les Pauls are notorious for their tuning issues, but I feel like my Custom is pretty close to taking the cake. It has the expected D and G string problems which I've somewhat alleviated with lubricant. That's not as bad as what goes on when I take it out of its case for the first time on some...
  16. jestremera

    Bridge and Tailpiece Upgrades

    I'm looking to upgrade the bridge and tailpiece on my 2017 Custom (gold hardware). Creamtone or Faber (or something else) and why? Thanks for your help
  17. jestremera

    2016 Traditional - Weekend Upgrades

    I went to the New York Guitar Expo this weekend and picked up a few goodies for my 2016 Traditional. Firstly, a new bridge and tailpiece made by John Ferro of Ferro Guitars. The tailpiece is a topwrap solution in which the strings don't go through. There are stainless steel pins sticking out of...
  18. jestremera

    Pickups for my 2016 Trad

    I like the ‘57 Classics that came with my 2016 Trad but I’d like more highs and output. I want that same PAF feel, however. What do you guys recommend (No Slash pups, please. I tried them this guitar and didn’t like them)?
  19. jestremera

    NGD! Traditional

    I got it a few days ago but decided to post tonight. It’s a 2016 Traditional that I’m totally loving. It sat in the store and I played it repeatedly over a two week span. On Saturday, I was in looking for a cabinet and the salesman I work with dropped the guitar off the wall for me to try out...
  20. jestremera

    Nashville Bridge Stud Replacement

    My Nashville bridge is leaning forward a bit so I figure I might as well replace the studs with higher quality parts. Can you guys suggest some good quality replacements? They're gold. I know some makers don't make gold parts so I wanted to make sure I threw that out there.

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