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  1. MATTM

    New Pedalboard Build

    Just picked up one of the Voodoo Lab Medium Dingbat pedalboards with the pre-installed Pedal Power 2+. I'm impressed with the construction. Very nice power coating with plenty of cut-outs (but not too many) for cabling. Pedal chain as follows: GUITAR -> BMF Wah (thanks @VictorB !) ->...
  2. MATTM

    Edwards E-LS90-LT Headstock repair & modifications

    Let me first preface this with I am NOT a professional luthier or repair guy in any way LOL So I recently acquired a 2005 Edwards LP Special style guitar (killer BTW). Unfortunately, at some point in the guitars life, some dumbass decided drill some holes for a truss rod cover.... Why holes...
  3. MATTM

    FS: Pedaltrain Nano+ 18" x 5" Pedalboard w/ Soft Case & TrueTone One Spot Power Supply w/ Cables

    This is a great little pedalboard if you don't run a lot of effects, or want a lighter travel board. The board, bag, shoulder strap and power supply are in as-new condition. The board was removed of existing Velcro and cleaned so there's no sticky residue anywhere. I'm including whatever...
  4. MATTM

    MSSC Guitar Wiring - Prewired Les Paul® Holy Grail & Special Run Wiring Harnesses, Vintage Bumblebee Capacitors, Restoration Parts

    After a several year hiatus, I'm pleased to announce I'll have some MSSC Guitar Prewired Holy Grail harnesses available for sale on a limited basis. The HG's are the only harnesses I'm building. Due to the limited availability of vintage Sprague Bumblebee and Black Beauty caps, I don't...
  5. MATTM

    Anyone into RC Heli's?

    I'm thinking of taking the plunge into the world of RC Heli's and was curious if anyone else is into this hobby? I'm not totally new to RC, but haven't flown helicopters before. I know this - RC is NOT a cheap hobby! LOL Looking at this one.... Blade 360 CFX 3S BNF Basic, BLH5050
  6. MATTM

    New Car - No place to go :(

    Hey guys - It's been awhile...Hope everyone is safe and healthy. After 14 years of the same daily driver, I just got a new ride. Too bad there's no place to go LOL! 2016 Lexus IS300 AWD
  7. MATTM

    FS: Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico II Pro Humbucker Set - Aged Zebra Bobbins

    Pre-owned set of Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico II Pro Humbuckers w/ Aged Zebra bobbins (APH2-n, APH-2b). I am the second owner of these pickups. I don't know who did the aging on these, but they are very well done and most importantly, sound amazing. These are pretty impressive pickups...
  8. MATTM

    FS: 2006 Marshall JCM 2000 (DSL50) 50 Watt Head - UK Made - w/ Avatar 2x12 Cabinet - $675 Local Pickup

    I"ll get pictures up shortly, but Im having to sell my 2006 Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 Watt Head. This is the made in UK version with new EL34 tubes. No known issues or mods. Very good cosmetic condition. Comes with one button Marshall footswitch, however; the footswitch stopped working awhile...
  9. MATTM


    SOLD - Please Delete -
  10. MATTM

    ***SOLD**** FS: Original 1969 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top w/ Patent Sticker T-Tops - VERY Priced to Sell at $4,295 Shipped

    Original Gibson1969 Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top. It’s been converted to 2 full size humbuckers. Has typical mini switch holes that have been plug and painted. Plenty of nicks, scratches and bruises, but a solid piece. I'll miss it terribly. Original gold finish (natural checking) is also...
  11. MATTM

    New & Aged Gibson & Fender Parts

  12. MATTM

    FS: ECP Hallowed Ground PAF Replica Humbucker Set

    Electric City Pickups (ECP) Hallowed Ground Humbucker Set. This set is one of the 1st batches Bill made. No longer made. They are worth all the hype. It pains me to sell them, but that’s my problem not yours. $725.00 shipped to the U.S. PayPal (gift would be appreciated and...
  13. MATTM

    Essentially new Avatar Hand Wired Marshall JTM 45 Clone - Head

    Clearly one of the best Marshall JTM45 clones I've ever had the pleasure to own and play. I am the original owner and as many on this forum already know, I baby my gear. It's never been gigged out and there's VERY little time on the tubes. Cosmetically it's a conservative 9/10 with just...
  14. MATTM

    Lot of (10) New Old Stock Sprague Vitamin Q .022/100V PIO Capacitors

    New old stock - Never used. Leads are dressed in white spaghetti tubing. All (10) caps test within spec. $80 shipped or best offer. PayPal gift preferred. Will post pics as soon as I get a chance.
  15. MATTM

    Aged Kluson Single Line Double Ring Tuners

    I got these with the intent of putting them on one of my LP's that has Grovers, but changed my mind so I'm offering them here. Nice medium aging. Comes with aged bushings and screws. Tuners were never installed. $75.00 shipped to the USA. PayPal only. International buyers - feel free to...
  16. MATTM

    Doyle Coils - aka ripoff of my product

    Looks like Tom Doyle is at it again. Not only did he STEAL the product name "Holy Grail Harness", he STOLE the exact same content on my webstore for the HG product detail (I've since changed it). Here's a link...
  17. MATTM

    MSSC Guitar (formerly Martin Six String Customs) re-launching soon!

    Just a heads up that I will be re-launching MSSC Guitar within the next month (hopefully sooner). It's been an "interesting" year or so since my store closed, but I'm back and ready to serve all my prior and future customers tonal needs. I'll have the same high quality prewired harnesses and...
  18. MATTM

    How ya'll doing!?

    It's been a very long and difficult last year, but I'm back as time permits and wanted to say hello. I certainly miss the business and am very grateful for the support over the years. It was an honor to serve you as my loyal customers. Anyways, I'll be around...
  19. MATTM

    Martin Six String Customs (MSSC) Permanently Closed

    Due to serious health conditions, effective immediately, MSSC is permanently closed. Bill Megela (BillM) from Electric City Pickups will take over selling off whatever inventory is left. He will be posting a list of what is available sometime in the near future. I will not be involved in...

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