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  1. sputnik

    WTB: Barber Direct Drive V4

    Looking for a Direct Drive V4. Pm me.
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  4. sputnik

    My search for the perfect pick continues

    My favorite after trying many. Great picks.
  5. sputnik

    2020 Gibson Custom Shop R0 V1

    * 2020 Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS * V1 Deep Cherry Sunburst Bought this from Jenton about a month ago. The guitar is in good condition with a small chip on the headstock and a few very light scratches that won’t show in pictures. There is a hole in the case where the...
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  7. sputnik

    Recommend me a small pedal friendly amp

    Princeton Reverb.
  8. sputnik

    Mike Bowen...

    I really miss his posts. He’s had some great guitars over the years and enjoyed sharing pictures with everyone. I hope he’s doing well.
  9. sputnik


    No dings. A few very faint scratches you’ve got to really look for. Comes with all case candy and COA. Even ships in the original Gibson shipping box. It’d be hard to find one that weighs less than this one! 7lbs 9oz. $3595 shipped/PayPal’d No trades
  10. sputnik

    Fuzz Face Bad with Les Paul?! Chase Tone Content

    Those are great fuzz’s! I actually like the new Fuzz Fella a little better. Check that one out too.
  11. sputnik

    WTB: 60th Anniversary R9

  12. sputnik

    WTB: 60th Anniversary R9

    Just bought a 60th R0 but I’m not a fan of the color. Does anyone have a Golden Poppy they’d like to sell or trade for my R0? Only looking for that finish so please no other offers.
  13. sputnik

    considering a 57' Champ

    I had one. It was ok. It’s still extremely loud cranked and really wouldn’t be possible if you had close neighbors without pissing them off. I sold it and bought a ‘65 Princeton Reverb Reissue. It’s the same price, although not hand wired. Sounds wayyy better to me and you can get close to...
  14. sputnik

    WTB: 60th Anniversary R9 Golden Poppy/Green Lemon

    Looking for a mint Golden Poppy or Green Lemon 60th Anniversary R9. Pm me.
  15. sputnik

    this unfortunate SOB, imagine you are an UBER driver and...

    $600 a day and he can’t afford to buy a new seat?

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