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  1. sputnik

    WTB: Barber Direct Drive V4

    Looking for a Direct Drive V4. Pm me.
  2. sputnik


  3. sputnik

    2020 Gibson Custom Shop R0 V1

    * 2020 Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS * V1 Deep Cherry Sunburst Bought this from Jenton about a month ago. The guitar is in good condition with a small chip on the headstock and a few very light scratches that won’t show in pictures. There is a hole in the case where the...
  4. sputnik


  5. sputnik


    No dings. A few very faint scratches you’ve got to really look for. Comes with all case candy and COA. Even ships in the original Gibson shipping box. It’d be hard to find one that weighs less than this one! 7lbs 9oz. $3595 shipped/PayPal’d No trades
  6. sputnik

    WTB: 60th Anniversary R9

    Just bought a 60th R0 but I’m not a fan of the color. Does anyone have a Golden Poppy they’d like to sell or trade for my R0? Only looking for that finish so please no other offers.
  7. sputnik

    WTB: 60th Anniversary R9 Golden Poppy/Green Lemon

    Looking for a mint Golden Poppy or Green Lemon 60th Anniversary R9. Pm me.
  8. sputnik

    2020 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Ancho Poblano

    Comes with original case, case candy shown, and COA. No issues. Looks exactly the same as it did from the factory. Complete spec list shown in one of the pictures. Roasted neck and body, Ancho Poblano pickups, etc. $2650 shipped. Add 3% for PayPal. No trades
  9. sputnik

    WTB: Gibson Memphis ‘59 ES335

    Looking for a Burst or Blonde 2016-18 Memphis ‘59 335. Pm me.
  10. sputnik

    WTB: 2018/19 Fender Custom Shop Strat

    Looking for a nice Custom Shop Strat at a decent price. Ideally a 1960-64 NOS or Journeyman Relic in Olympic White. Would consider Black and Fiesta Red as well.
  11. sputnik

    WTB: J Rockett Blue Note Tour

    Looking for Blue Note in excellent/mint condition.
  12. sputnik


    Looking to trade my R4 for a nice 60th Anniversary R9 or R0 V1 only, plus cash from me. That’s the only thing I’m interested in so please don’t ask about anything else. The guitar is bone stock and includes everything I got with it brand new including the original Gibson shipping box. There...
  13. sputnik

    WTB: King Tone Duellist/Prince of Tone

    Looking for a Duellist and Analogman Prince of Tone in excellent/mint condition. Pm me.
  14. sputnik

    WTB: Strymon Flint/Deco

    Pm me.
  15. sputnik


    Just bought this one brand new from Music Zoo and played it for an hour or so. Fine, fine instrument. Super light at 6lbs 15oz. Comes with all case candy, tags, COA and even ships in the original Fender shipping box. The complete spec list is shown in one of the pictures. There’s a few tiny...
  16. sputnik

    2019 Fender Custom Shop GT11 Strat $2450 shipped/PP’d

    No trades! Olympic White Heavy Relic finish. It’s hard to call a relic guitar mint but it all looks right to me. Comes with the case candy shown and the complete spec list is shown in one of the pictures. This is a Sweetwater exclusive with the 11” radius. It was setup for 11s by Eric Daw. He...
  17. sputnik

    2019 Gibson Custom Shop R4 $2799

    Excellent condition. A few very minor playing scratches. No dings. Comes with original case, case candy, and COA. 8.2lbs .92” - 1st fret 1.03” - 12th fret $2799. I’ll cover shipping if you cover fees. Not interested in offers or trades.
  18. sputnik

    Fender Eric Clapton Vibro Champ

    Excellent condition. Everything functions as it should. I bought it a week ago off Reverb and I guess I’m just not a tweed fan. It’s missing the “EC” badge on the front. Comes with the paperwork and a cover as well. $975 shipped/PP’d No trades
  19. sputnik

    2018 Gibson Custom Shop R8 60th Anniversary $2999 shipped

    SOLD This guitar has been played. If you’re looking for a minty case queen, look elsewhere. With that said, it’s in overall good condition. There are picking scratches around the guitar that I’ve tried to capture in pictures. These are very hard to see in person and are only noticeable in...
  20. sputnik

    2019 Gibson Custom Shop ‘64 SG w/ Maestro $2730

    Excellent/near mint condition. Has a small amount of binding bleed. Cherry VOS finish. All candy/COA included. Even the original shipping box with receipt from Sweetwater. Weighs in at 7.4 lbs. $2730 shipped/insured with PayPal F&F/gift option. Buyer will need to cover PayPal fees if going the...

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