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  1. stephan_l

    NGD! New 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

    Congrats, the PF ist killer and your collection is too :dude: Is your wall hanging system DIY?
  2. stephan_l


    Now thats a NGD i like. Fantastic, congrats :dude: Looks like an "old" reissue case? Why is this? :hmm:
  3. stephan_l

    NGD Gibson Explorer B-2

    Maybe my 2019 Explorer had the same much pickup cable. The employee solved this quick.....Living in germany i asked Gibson europe how this is even possible. The answer from mother USA: at this stage of progress on the line there is no chance QC can find out.......
  4. stephan_l

    So bummed out!

    I think so too. Bought 4 Gibson since 2017 and 3 of them had strange flaws (2 Explorer, 1 SG). Only the last one, a 50th Les Paul Standard P90 Goldtop was nearly perfect. May i ask what was wrong with your Explorer? Sorry, little offtopic :bowdown Joe, your replacemet looks cool. Have fun...
  5. stephan_l

    Keeping track of mods

    Most important, you know the parts are somewhere in there....... :)
  6. stephan_l

    Keeping track of mods

    Case and this..... :hmm: Yours better :rofl:
  7. stephan_l

    2019 Original Collection Gold Top P90s Demo

    Cool video, thx for that. I have mine for half a year now and it is a great playing and sounding guitar. And after years of questionable QC issues, Gibson made this one right with no building flaws. As a humbucker guy who never really find love for a Strat, i also had doubt about the P90. But...
  8. stephan_l

    Gibson's First Authorized Boutique Builder

    I dont get it. Gibson allows other builders to build guitars that they dont build but for what "we" are still waiting: '58 Korina Explorer' s and V' s. They still make them "wrong" and go on with that. I understand, now they can knock on "design thief" doors. What a joke.
  9. stephan_l

    Pickguard Bracket Screw Scratched My Les Paul's Body

    38 years ago my reaction also was like "oh no....." :hmm: .....and today i noticed THIS :rofl:
  10. stephan_l

    Why the maple sheet between the pancaked mahogany?

    ah, i always asked myself why the heck there is this little stripe (´81 custom, no pancake of course). This would explain.
  11. stephan_l

    The new 'Show off your Epi' thread!

    Sn.....37 and .....38
  12. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    thx m8 :) i divorce judgement was like hell, but after one R8 i will not lost another guitar to this shit. My girlfriend agreed with me totaly :dude:
  13. stephan_l

    Popular artist Bursts

    :) ur right.....
  14. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    Had never thought about that :hmm: Sometimes im looking for an AR30 in black to fill the case.....was a good guitar back then and my first "real" electric guitar (the "herti-caster" was not). So, for sentimental reasons i guess not :)
  15. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    mh, i always thought: "Shaws should be stamped "137/138 372/373 498/499" followed by the date..." Is this wrong? I know the white plastic and the rough magnet is a dead give away, but i wasn´t sure all the years :hmm:
  16. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    Thank you very much guys for your kind words :) Tried to make photos where you can see "she is not new", but i failed :( Dont know why i havent played "her" for years. The sustain is just incredible and there is this "ring" that kicks ass. Just great. The pickups are a DiMarzio AirNorton and...
  17. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    The story about the green case?......i once owned an old Ibanez Artist AR30, which was stolen in the netherlands in 1986. When i bought the custom in 1984, the seller wants to keep the original case. So i endet up using the Ibanez case for the custom, which fits very well. In 2011 i was able to...
  18. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    thx m8s. But i have to disapoint you. The "new" look is an illusion. Dont know why, maybe the sunlight. But she is beat........not to death, but beat. And there are some really "bad" battle scars. I try to make some new photos. Best thing is, im not worried about one ding here and there. Its...
  19. stephan_l

    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    After years of ignoring, i found new love for my 81´ custom which i own since 1984. Had to change some parts over the years, but she survived the 80th without any "out of phase" extra holes ;) Had the DiMarzio AirNorton and the ToneZone installed, but now im back to the original Shaw pickups...
  20. stephan_l

    Kirk Hammet Greeny?

    Had always in mind you can play everything with a Les Paul. Think its a great thing a guitarplayer like Kirk Hammet plays it out now. The pictures are cool :dude:

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