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  1. Dilver

    My 55 LP Junior

    Damn dude. If you’re going to make a post about a killer LP Junior, you’re going to have to post more than one pic. Love Juniors; wish a could afford something vintage. Curious what the frets are like on that thing.
  2. Dilver

    There are deals to be had on CL

    Nice find. The build quality on Ernie Ball Music Man is top notch and has been for quite some time. My Stingray bass is an amazing instrument. Congrats!
  3. Dilver

    Gov`t Mule...Setting the tone for my day

    Warren Haynes is supremely talented. Glad he got off the PRS kick quickly and went back to Les Pauls.
  4. Dilver

    Thinking of getting a R8

    Looks like a great plaintop. It’s probably miles ahead of the 50’s Standard you were thinking of getting. I think 2017 was a great year for historics. Last of the Wilson/Gembar spec’d guitars and I have to believe every year these guys tried to improve upon what they did in previous years...
  5. Dilver

    B-Stock discount?

    Did you buy that from an online store or a private seller?
  6. Dilver

    considering a 57' Champ

    I love my overpriced little ‘57 Custom Champ (well, ‘cause I got it at a good price used). Loud is relative... 5 watts is still pretty loud. If you live in an apartment, have a child that still naps or an intolerant wife, it’s too loud. But it’s not loud enough to play with band unless mic’d...
  7. Dilver

    Seasoned Skillet.Who Maintains One?

    I have a fancy schmancy Le Creuset enamel cast iron thats heavy as hell. A basic Lodge is just as good. Use it to cook everything; the more you use it, the better it gets. If things still stick, you’re not using it enough.
  8. Dilver

    I Found the Needle I was looking for

    That’s the color I would’ve wanted. Congrats on retirement!
  9. Dilver

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don’t like how Custombuckers sound
  10. Dilver

    Choosing the right PAF clones for my Les Paul's character... MISSION COMPLETED, I GUESS!

    I played an R4 with humbuckers once. Regret not buying it but it was at Guitar Center (used) and they were asking a Guitar Center price for it. I didn’t get to crank it, cause I was in a freakin’ store, but I do remember this - the wraptail imparted this great sustain and woody tone. I’d want a...
  11. Dilver

    NGD Now Happy Worried About Nothing

    If I got this from a dealer and not a private seller, I’d ask him for a new switch, tip and case and have him cover the shipping for returning the ripped case. I don’t see replacing the switch on an Historic as a big deal. It’s not a vintage piece and no one will care or even notice, if you...
  12. Dilver

    Tell Me About P-90s

    If you’re just having the one pickup, like on a Junior, go with a Wolfetone Meaner. Being such a simple pickup, most P90s are pretty good, even the stock Gibsons. But the Meaner just seems to have right amount of a little extra oomph, clean up beautifully, and get great tones in all settings...
  13. Dilver

    Some NGD pics (Gretsch content)

    Gretsch? Yeah, I’m a fan...
  14. Dilver

    NGD - back in the Gibson fold

    Schweet! Looks like you got a good one...
  15. Dilver

    '18 LP Junior: Which Strip Tuners?

    I'm looking for info/recommendations on which brand of 3 in a row strip tuners to use on a 2018 Les Paul Junior ltd edition (the one with the script logo). I tried a set of Gotoh tuners and either the posts were too short or the headstock was too thick. The post holes were just a little too low...
  16. Dilver

    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    The gap was intentional for 2017... meant to be period accurate for 1958. if you look at real 58 bursts, some had it more pronounced than others...
  17. Dilver

    2017 R8... Gap between end of neck and pickup ring.. Deal breaker or not?

    here’s some info from an old post I wrote on 2017 Historics. My 2017 R8 also has the gap. why anyone would consider it a “dealbreaker” is beyond me. 2017 was a great year for R8s.
  18. Dilver

    NGD (a few days ago) Gibson Les Paul 60’s Standard - Iced tea

    they got the color just right on that one. Congrats!
  19. Dilver

    Are Deluxes more common than standards?

    If you can find one at a fair price, do it. I don’t know if they made more Deluxes than Standards during the Norlin era, but I do know that during a period of time, all you could buy were Deluxes - they weren’t making Standards. I’m sure some one with solid info on the matter will chime in...
  20. Dilver

    Having a sick pet is absolutely the most helpless feeling...

    So sorry for your loss. Just not fair that our pets don’t live as long as we do. But then maybe it’d be worse. Sounds like you gave your friend a great, happy, long life. Take comfort in that.

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