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    Bridge height and neck/body joint concern on 1971 SG Custom

    Hey guys, firstly, I apologize if I chose the wrong thread to post this. I just acquired one of my dream guitars, a player's grade 1971 SG Custom. Original except tuners, vibrola, bridge and knobs. It had a heel break, but to me it looks very solid, far better than many others I've seen. ( but...
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    WTB: Seymour Duncan High Voltage Set ( Europe prefered )

    Hey folks, looking to lay my hands on a Duncan High Voltage set for my AY SG. I have been looking all over Europe to find a set, the only one I found was second hand in Switzerland for 400.-€, which ain't happening... If anyone knows a store selling them, or has a set he/she wants to get rid...
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    WTB@EU ONLY: Set of pickups for 98 R8

    Hey guys, am currently looking for a set of pickups to put in my 98 R8 which I am selling. It seems to turn buyers off when there's no pickups with a guitar ( and I unfortunately didn't get any pickups with it ). I'd be looking for any kind of PAF-like pickups, also considering 57 Classics if...
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    87' 2555 Silver Jubilee - What to look for and avoid

    Good morning guys ( and gals ), I'm about to score a 87 Silver Jub 2555. Good overall condition, only mod that has been done ( so the seller says ): impedance selector has been replaced. Before buying the amp, it will be opened and have its guts checked out. Is there anything in particular I...
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    WTB@EU ONLY: 70's/80's Chainsaw Case

    Hey guys, been looking for a Chainsaw case for my SG from 75, trying to bring it back to 'original'. I got it with a 90's LP case unfortunately... So if you have something laying around at a fair price, hit me up and let me know about shipping ! Cheers :-)
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    FS@EU: Gibson LesPaul R8 Custom Historic Art 1998

    SOLD Hey guys, the time has come for me to part ways with this monster here. Times want me to sell some stuff, and this one I'm less attached to than my R9 ( which I prefer color-wise as well ). As the title says, R8 from 98, 'good wood era'. It looks incredible and sounds even better. I'm not...
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    Help identifying pickup

    Hello lovely folks I recently got a pair of pickups which are supposed to come out of a 74 SG. So the initial guess would be: T-Tops One of them is a T-Top, no doubt. The other one is either a 'frankenstein' or I have absolutely no clue. So I'm in need of your help. Attached are pictures of...
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    FS@EU: Wizz PAF Set ( Greenie )

    Hello folks :) , Selling a set of Wizz PAF replica pickups. No need to introduce these pickups nowadays ;) . The neck magnet is flipped, giving you an out of phase sound in the middle position. This can be undone by opening the pickup and flipping the magnet. These, as most of Aleks’ replicas...
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    WTB@EU ONLY: Two Rock Studio Pro/Plus 35 Head

    Hello dear folks, I'm currently seeking one of those Two Rocks, I don't mind if it's the Plus version, but doesn't have to ! I insist on head only, and 35 watts ! 22 might not be enough sometimes and 50-100 is too heavy, I got rid off all my 100's because of the weight :laugh2: If anyone located...
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    2003 R9 --> Brazilian board or not ?

    Hey folks, I currently have a shot at a 2003 R9. I asked the seller if the guitar had a Brazilian board and he doesn't know, neither do I. So I've come to seek help from you folks. I know some of you guys have spent years working on such a subject. EDIT: I've found the serial corresponding to...
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    WTB EU/US: Way Huge Doubleland Special

    Hell dear folks, I'm seeking a Way Huge Doubleland Special. I actually ordered one through a US music shop but they couldn't get it so I got a refund. I'm located in Europe but ordered in the US simply because of the price... I 'ordered' a new one for 315$ ( shipping included ) which were 260€...
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    Lollar P90... LOT of noise ?

    Greetings fellow MLP-friends, I'm currently having a rough relationship with my R4... In fact the noise with the regular Gibson P90's is horrible... the best I can handle is a slight crunch, everything after that is horrible. In between songs it's not a problem, volume to 0, but during the...
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    ORIGINAL SVDS Wireless System !! Working !!

    Hey folks, I'm promoting this from a friend of mine. You might have heard of this thing in the last couple of years. It's been a part of the sound of Rock'N'Roll for over a decade and has now surfaced back. This is an original unit with everything in there. It's set at 3500€ but serious offers...
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    FS@EU ONLY: Wizard Modern Classic I ( 100 Watts )

    Might as well be going with the sales ! This time next to the MetroPlex I'm also selling a Wizard Modern Classic I. Very versatile amp with the channel select and separated boosts. Second owner of this one, coming from Fil aka SoloDallas who ordered it directly from Rick St. Pierre himself. Amp...
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    FS@EU ONLY: Metropoulos MetroPlex 100

    Hello dear folks, Been a while since I got something for sale, but it's big this time. A MetroPlex 100 ! It's simply too much for me now. I'm switching over to something way smaller ( 15 watts ). I am the second owner of this amplifier and it came to me from a personal friend who ordered it...
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    NGD: Epiphone Amos 58 Korina V

    Well, After thoughts of getting one, email some companies here and there it finally arrived on Monday. I was really curious to get this guitar as I haven't played an Epiphone in years. But I gotta say, they did it right, really. The guitar feels very solid, the details are spot on, it looks...
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    HELP: 2007 R9 hard to play ! What setup needed ?

    Hello fellow LesPaul lovers, I'm in need of advice as you can imagine from the title. I recently been lend a 2007 R9 which looks and sounds killer, but is very hard to play compared to my other ones. Backup on the guitar's story: bought new in 2008 by someone who was most probably drunk and has...
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    Help identifying late 80's Gibson pickups

    Hey guys, I once again need some advice, this time it's about pickups. I had this pair still in closet. They came out of a late 80's Gibson LesPaul Custom BB. Some of my friends say they might be Tim Shaw's, but I honestly have no clue at all. Anyone know what they could be ? Cheers, Chris...
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    Vintage Standard without crown ?!

    Hey guys, I came across a sale for a pre 65 SG Standard, but without a headstock crown. Everything looks period correct, just that crown is missing. Has anyone ever come across such a thing ? I do not have any pictures to show unfortunately, but every help is appreciated ! :)
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    Suggestions on humbucker single coil size

    Good morning/afternoon/evening folks, I will be getting a CS 61 Strat very soon, but I absolutely have no use of the bridge single coil. I already have a Strat with SSS configuarion and really don't use the bridge at all, unless it's a humbucker to rock out some parts of the songs. Playing a...

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