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  1. Gary

    2020 Gibson ES-335 models - NGD - Wow!

    Anyone have experience or opinions on them? I'm saving up to get my dream guitar and it is a lot of money for a retired guy to scrape up. I'm probably going to sell several guitars to raise the cash. I want to get the real deal. Enough with Asian copies and Epiphones made overseas, with their...
  2. Gary

    Memorial Day: Musicians to play 'Taps Across America' at 3:00PM

    Memorial Day: Thousands of Musicians to Participate in ‘Taps Across America’ Might have to roll out my half stack and Les Paul to perform it on my suburban street. Hope I don't get arrested for...
  3. Gary

    New noisy neighbors - I had to yell at the #$&*@ kids to keep it down!

    A family moved in under my Direct TV antenna mount. Noisy little things. Mom and dad look from the fence when I’m in my back yard and give me the stink eye. Some people! Actually, they are kinda cute and entertaining. All the little chirping makes the place sound like an aviary.
  4. Gary

    P90 pickups need 500K pots!

    That 1996 Les Paul Special DC that I posted about here Possible deal on a '96 Les Paul Special - Is it worth it? and here Replacement for Gibson Deluxe tuners with white buttons? has finally come to life. After new tuners, a cleanup and fret crowning, it was playing great. Fast forward to...
  5. Gary

    Rolling Stone magazine: Will Quarantine Spark A Music Renaissance?

    Interesting article in Rolling Stone magazine. There is increased sales of music gear to beginning musicians buying ukuleles, acoustic guitars and keyboards to learn an instrument at home. Sales of Instruments and Music Gear Are Soaring. Will Quarantine Spark a Renaissance? Yesterday, I...
  6. Gary

    P90 or P90s pickups for this Les Paul Special?

    My beater 1996 Special just got new tuners and a fret dressing. Before putting new string on it, I remembered that I have a set of P90s pickups in my parts box. Having never heard them, I wonder what would be the better pickups for this guitar. Now is the time to decide. What would you do...
  7. Gary

    Guitar Center furloughs 9,000 store employees That’s 9,000 of its 11,000 employees.
  8. Gary

    What software will compile cell phone videos from band members into a video?

    My band needs to do some work from home. We can record ourselves playing and singing along to a track. Where can I find software that will allow me to put something together like this Nashville group? A group of Nashville studio singers perform an epic cell phone choir Video recording is...
  9. Gary

    Replacement for Gibson Deluxe tuners with white buttons?

    I'm looking for replacement tuners for a 1996 Gibson USA Les Paul Special. My tuners have press in bushings. The New style Gibson butterbean tuners at CME have threaded bushings. Does anyone make a suitable replacement? I can't find anything like them from Kluson or Gotoh. The stock tuners are...
  10. Gary

    Possible deal on a '96 Les Paul Special - Is it worth it?

    A local shop has this '96 Special and I can get it for $400. Being as I've been thinking about a new LP Special DC Tribute with two P90's for ~$600, this should be a "no brainer". But, alas, I cannot decide. What would you do? The BAD The wiring needs repair and the knobs are cheap metric...
  11. Gary

    Loudwire: The 50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums of All Time

    My sons band made #45.
  12. Gary

    New Epiphone Day! - need tuner suggestions....

    With the new Epiphone headtock design being released, my local dealer is blowing out used Epiphones for a song. I picked up this used 1966 G-400 in TV silver with a gig bag on the cheap. It is the Pro model with a thick slab of genuine rosewood for a fretboard and coil splitting. There is no...
  13. Gary

    The Gibson Firebird 70’s Tribute Studio - Yea or nay?

    Spotted this is a store today and it caught my eye. Very light weight and in great condition. A steal of a price. Were these decent guitars? It is a 2012 with baked maple fretboard. Opinions?
  14. Gary

    Dry winter air is making my guitars unplayable

    With winter here, the central heating and fireplace is making the air very dry in my home. So far, three of my guitars have become unplayable because the necks are bowed so far back that they are fretting out. A Yamaha acoustic, Gibson LP Trad Pro and a Washburn 335 clone. I began running a...
  15. Gary

    HB tech - What happens if you flip one bobbin over on a humbucking pickup?

    Saw this blog post over on the Duncan site and it raises a techinical question. Could you pickup experts opine? What happens if you flip one of the bobbins over on a humbucking pickup? Which is true. But if you also reverse the leads on that flipped bobbin you put it back in phase. Which...
  16. Gary

    What to do with this dead T top pickup?

    I have an old T top that a friend gave me. Per my ohm meter, it is open. Is this worth sending out for a rewind or is it trash? Use for parts? What should be done with this? Also, what do the pictures say about when it might have been made? The screws are gold plated and there is a stamped pat...
  17. Gary

    NGD! Epi Les Paul - What model is this?

    Where I gig, there is a lot of foot traffic on the stage before and after performances. Concerned that my more expensive Gibson guitars might get accidentally knocked off their stands and damaged, I decided to shop for a used Epiphone Les Paul. My Local Pawn shop had a variety of Epiphone Les...
  18. Gary

    Truss rod troubles

    I'm looking for advice on how to correct some fret buss on a 2011 Les Paul Traditional Pro. I bought this guitar at a great price. After cleaning it up, I restrung it with Ernie Ball Slinky 10's and lowered the action at the bridge. Then I noticed that there was some fret buzz around the fourth...
  19. Gary

    Real or counterfeit 70’s Les Paul?

    What do you think about this one? I spotted it in a shop and grabbed it for $180. Before paying for it, they told me it wasn’t a real Gibson but a copy. Looking at the body, I’ve never see a copy done to that type of period correct construction. Three piece maple top and a “pancake” Norlin...
  20. Gary

    Are all Epi Dot Studios ALL mahogany?

    Not the fretboard but the body, sides, neck and center block. I want to get an all mahogany 335 style guitar. The only two I can find are the Epiphone Dot Studio and a Washburn HB32. Were all years of the Dot Studio all mahogany? I may have to order online and want to know before I spend my...

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