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  1. Redeemed

    Fargen speaker/cab choice help

    Well, I am soon to be the new owner of a Fargen Miniplex MKIII head, but I sold off my 2x12s years ago and I have no speaker cabinets. I have narrowed down my choices to these: 1) jdesign 212 slant. I'm intrigued by the 212D, but it doesn't have the convertible semi-open/closed back, which is...
  2. Redeemed

    NGD! Gibson LP Studio (+ introduction)

    Hey everyone, I'm Jeff, and I'm in southern Maine. I joined a week or so ago, but had lurked for some time prior to that. My purpose in coming here was to find a Les Paul, which I have found. So, I thought I'd blend my intro (I know it doesn't belong here) with my NGD post. The guitar is an...
  3. Redeemed

    WTB Les Paul (New England)

    Good morning all, I am looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul (any color except tobacco burst) or a white Orville by Gibson LPC. Really, my only criteria are: 1) 60's neck 2) Ebony fretboard 3) Very good to mint condition 4) In the New England area (try before I buy!) 5) $2K spending limit I have...

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