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  1. Ronaldo

    Damaged tone pot

    Hey all, I just finished swapping out some import pots in a project for an extra pair of Gibson pots I had in the parts bin. The Gibson pots used to work. After completing, I noticed that the tone pot had no change when spinning the knob, same tone on 0 as it is on 10. Checked everything at...
  2. Ronaldo

    Didn't know this :(

    While working inside my Les Paul Special I, I noticed for the first time that it has a veneer top at least I think that it is, unless maybe it's a mark by the router? I always thought it had a solid mahogany body, guess not. It still sounds good though. I'm assuming it's a mahogany veneer top...
  3. Ronaldo

    When is gold golden?

    In my Andy Rooney voice: Ever notice how many variations of gold there are on Epiphone Gold Tops? Just go to Google images and type in Epiphone Les Paul Gold Tops and you’ll see what I mean. There’s Light gold, dark gold, yellow gold, bronze gold, heavy gold sparkle and mini gold sparkle. I...
  4. Ronaldo

    Epiphone paint

    Hey all, I need to do some touch up on my TV Yellow Les Paul Special I. It has the "worn" yellow paint finish. Can someone who is familiar with their paint please chime in as to what type of paint it is? And possibly where I can get some? Spray preferred. Thanks.
  5. Ronaldo

    Tuning machine mystery

    Hey all, Some of you know that I just acquired a 2019 Les Paul Tribute DC. The tuning machines installed on my LP are what I believe to be incorrect or swapped. Based on what I have seen in advertisements from sellers, the deluxe tuners should have a mounting nut and the backs should be...
  6. Ronaldo

    DC Junior confusion

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase what I think is called a Les Paul Double cut Jr with a single P90. What would be the difference between a 2019 Tribute model that's being advertised by many and a 2018 model? Or, is it basically the same model. Thank you.
  7. Ronaldo

    Advice on selling

    Hello all. Hoping that I can get a feel for what you think I can get for my 2006 LP studio. It has SD Seth Lovers and a custom pickgard. I did remove the original knobs and installed the ones on it now. It's in very good condition. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  8. Ronaldo

    Converted amp watts

    Hey guys, Can anyone give me an idea what the output wattage is of a converted record player amplifier I’m using as a guitar amp? It sounds amazing but is not super loud even on 10! The tag said 160 watts, the preamp has (3) 12AX7’s and the power amp has (1) 12AX7, (4) 12AB5’s and (1) 5U4-GB...
  9. Ronaldo

    Speaker purchase assistance

    Hi everybody, I've got this little project going and I could use a little help please as I am a complete noob when it comes to speaker selection and wiring. I've got this amp that came out of an old record player and it is now going to live a different life as guitar amp. I want to get one...
  10. Ronaldo

    Wiring diagram search

    Hi everyone. Can someone please direct me to where I could find a 50’s wiring diagram that maps out one master tone pot, one master vol. pot , three way selector switch for two humbuckers and input jack. I tried typing in various ways in search but could not come up with one. Really appreciate it.
  11. Ronaldo

    TonePros lesson learned

    I could not get my low E intonated so I decided to flip my saddle to gain just a bit more adjustment. My bridge is a TonePros. It has been a learning experience so I thought I would share my experience should anybody want to attempt this that owns one. First off, you’ll need a 5/32 open end...
  12. Ronaldo

    Wanted: Seymour Duncan humbucker

    Hi Looking for a SD Seth Lover neck humbucker pickup with chrome or nickel cover. I have a set of Gibson 490R and 498T humbuckers for trade or? Please contact me. Thanks
  13. Ronaldo

    Low tuner issue

    Please take a look at the height of these Kluson tuning machines that I just installed in my Les Paul Special. They seem very very low. The eyelet just peaks out of the bushing. I haven't tried stringing yet as neck is off for some mods I'm undertaking. Where did I go wrong.
  14. Ronaldo

    NGD Epiphone Les Paul Special w/P90's

    Looked hard for either a good price on a Gibson LP Jr. Or a Melodie Maker and even a Epi Jr. With a set neck. They're hard to find! And if you do locate one, expensive too! So after checking out forums and YT videos where everybody gave the LP Special 1 good reviews I said what do I have to lose...
  15. Ronaldo

    Sliding me crazy!

    Is learning slide guitar supposed to be so hard? Darn, I can't seem to get anything out that sounds good. I'm learning on a guitar that has the tallest action and all I get is fret clacking. I understand that a higher action is preferable but I also understand that Derek Trucks has a low action...
  16. Ronaldo

    What in thee heck is causing this noise?

    Hi everybody. Wasn't really sure where to post this, if it should be in another section, please feel free to move it. I have a situation with my 2006 Gibson Studio. I have tried different cords, with-out pedals straight in the amp, different channels in 1 or 2 inputs different guitars even and...
  17. Ronaldo

    WTB: Control panel SF Deluxe reverb amp

    Looking for a used control panel to fit a Deluxe Reverb black or sliver face.. If you have knobs and other associated hardware that fit the outside of the panel would consider those items as well like jewel light, jacks and switches. This is for an art related non-working amp project. If you...
  18. Ronaldo

    Fret crowning needed?

    So I have been playing my newly acquired used Les Paul Studio a lot lately since I got it. Please excuse my naïveté but of all my guitars new and used, none of their frets will stop my finger from sliding up the fret board, sometimes to a dead stop like the upper frets on my LP. I have no...
  19. Ronaldo

    Puzzled by ease of bending

    Been playing my newly acquired LP Studio quite a bit since it arrived. I'm curious to know why bending strings are so darn easy? I've got a nice set up going on, really plays nice. My set up and string gauge is exactly like my Epiphone LP which also plays really well too. The Gibby's strings...
  20. Ronaldo

    Matching plastics

    What I thought was going to be an easy shopping day wasn't. Can some one please recommend a source for matching Gibson white pick guard, white poker chip and white humbucker surrounds for a LP Studio? Having a heck of time locating. Also, do I have to get Gibson parts in order to get curved...

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