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  1. stonevibe

    Gibson debuts new CS Abort Nacho ’59 Les Paul under 7lbs

    New Custom Shop lightweights announced
  2. stonevibe

    Fender and Gibson USA standard guitar models: Which would you buy?

    Would you buy a US Standard Gibson this year? Or US Fender? or neither? Are you purely a Custom Shop guy for example? Vote here
  3. stonevibe

    Gibson 1992 Experimental Prototype DC Standard Pro

    This Gibson 1992 Experimental Prototype DC Standard Pro has just surfaced and looks kind of interesting. What do you all think?
  4. stonevibe

    The Kinks Dave Davies 1958 Flying V up for auction!

    Looks sweet. The video of Davies playing it in Shindig is classic as well!
  5. stonevibe

    Fender Jimmy Page Dragon and Mirror Telecaster are out!

    Only £23K each though...
  6. stonevibe

    New Gibson Winter NAMM Models Announced

    It all looks very back to basics, which I am certainly a fan of. "After missing last year’s show, Gibson is back with a vengeance! Yes, it’s made mistakes in the past, but this company looks like it’s about to rectify them." Gibson Golden Era NAMM 2019 "We’re paying tribute to the Golden Era...
  7. stonevibe

    The Christmas nut trick - Perfect Les Paul fretboard conditioner

    You will all have loads of nuts hanging around your home at Christmas, so try this neat trick out on your favourite Les Paul.
  8. stonevibe

    Free copy of BIAS Modulation pedal software 'heads up'

    You have to get it by 17th December, link in the article below
  9. stonevibe

    BB King Lucille limited edition

    Gibson just announced a new BB King Lucille model in Alpine White, still has a Richlite fingerboard though.
  10. stonevibe

    Epiphone Slash Firebird

    Looks good
  11. stonevibe

    Gibson out of debt by October ?

    Looks like Chapter 11 should end by October
  12. stonevibe

    Gibson are now officially advertising for new CEO

    Just seen this Looks like Gibson are hiring Henry's replacement. Anyone here going to apply?
  13. stonevibe

    Got me a new Black Custom

    Acquired this new one earlier in the week, as I understand it, it is a '77 and in relatively decent condition for its age. Feels like a good solid instrument and hopefully, it will stick around with me for a while.
  14. stonevibe

    Gibson rescue package close but delays likely

    It looks like they have secured a loan for a $135 million and they are asking for another court extension so they can file paperwork. Hopefully, we'll eventually get back the company we all love!
  15. stonevibe

    Roadie 2 Tuner write up / review

    Not sure if this would help any of you guys on here (or if this is the right place to put this...?), but figured some of you may find it useful. I was sent a ROADIE 2 Tuner and I have written up a fairly comprehensive review over at Gear News, maybe help some of you make a decision if you were...
  16. stonevibe

    New Gibson CS Flying V Modern at CES

    Does anyone know the spec on this new V?
  17. stonevibe

    Mick Ralphs' '58 recreated by Custom Shop

    Looks nice, such a shame he is not well, as would have loved to hear him playing one.
  18. stonevibe

    Bye, bye Henry...

    I have heard rumours today that Henry Juszkiewicz has had his executive powers as CEO taken from him, though they haven't sacked him yet. Anyone else heard anything?
  19. stonevibe

    Hendrix '67 Fuzz Face anyone got a spare $10k?

    Should be a pretty expensive fuzz pedal I reckon! Original 67 and owned by Jimi is up for sale on Saturday.
  20. stonevibe

    Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Customs!

    Neon retina burning '80s Les Pauls?

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