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    Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?)

    So - another week...another dumbass dealt with. The latest - your classic Karin...wouldn’t come right out and say it...but kept hinting at a “refund”.....the weather isn’t going to be perfect, my kids aren’t feeling great - we may only be out a few hours...told her in advance - no penalty for...
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    My dog has cancer.

    Man, I am seriously sorry to hear this update. Thoughts are with you and yours. It’s tough - trust me...after having just went through this - there are no simple things to say or to do. It helped me having a pup in a way following. I honestly think the pup picked up some of the traits of her...
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    The day the music died...

    Whose Nobunny? The collective question being googled by any MLP”er who reads this thread.
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    There are deals to be had on CL

    Nice get. There can be bargains - but gotta sort through a lot of dreamers and junk. My rule of thumb - if the name brand is recognizable to avg joe off the street - it’s 99% certain to be overpriced. If your looking for bargain Gibson, Fender, Marshall, etc. it’s likely to be lower end and...
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    Getting tired of life in general.

    Sorry to hear - but yeah....get the feeling. Doesn’t help that ever damn day feels like it’s 96 degrees with 90% humidity of late...this is Ohio...not some 3rd world rat hole near the equator like Florida. Makes me feel old. As far as customers...treat them well and they will come around -...
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    You guys are right,

    My grandfather thought the world went to shit when he was 20...a stock market crash caused a run on banks, a Great Depression then just as things started to normalize - a war to end all wars. My father thought it went to shit when he was 20 - hipped everywhere - getting drafted right as he...
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    R7 prices?

    Supply/demand G raisedprices/cut output...prices rose and sales stalled. Fewer private sellers in summer in general and more people getting tired of bumping their threads. $3k-3500 USD is the “new normal” for R8s...R7s typically a hair lower...say $2800-3250. Ask is high - but not out of...
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    Buying opportunities, or epiphone value down?

    Buying gear to flip is rarely profitable...less if your not a dealer/pawn broker. Depending on where it’s offered - it’s free market setting the price in general. If your buying - it’s only because every other buyer passed for done reason or another. Can you buy for $250, sell at...
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    WTB - Shanks CC

    Title says it all. I’ve been kicking around the idea of something new...and a Shanks is high on the want list. If you’ve got one to sell - or know of one. Drop me a line. Thanks
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    2021 Ford Bronco First Edition is Already Sold Out

    It absolutely looks like an FJ. Based on the glamour shots released - I like it. Dropping 50k on glossy photos though is a recipe for unhappiness though. Hell - a PT Cruiser looked “different, retro” and god forgive me “cool” when they debuted - and remember those things commanded ABOVE...
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    My dog has cancer.

    Man...seriously so sorry to hear all your going through. This is the “tough” spot to be in...knowing you can “try” things - but that the long term isn’t good, and the short term is a ? It’s never a money question - it’s a quality of life question...and I don’t envy the position. With my pup -...
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    Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?)

    Ohhh...scouting pawn shops for stolen stuff. One of the many perks of my 9-5 job. Handle a claim of some piece of stolen jewelry or firearm.. you can pretty much tell what will turn up in pawn shops, what you will never see again (and what you suspect was never actually stolen). Ebay and the...
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    Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?)

    So just when I thought it was over (the booking company and myself decided to just give this Karen her refund for the single day...and booking company comped me a rebate on next 5 bookings equal to what I would have gotten from her). Early this morning - dog starts going nuts...go out and some...
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    Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?)

    As to being worth the it isn’t. To me - it’s less about money than people. If I wanted to make money...there are better ways to do it. This was more 2 pronged - helping people who are considering boating get a day on the water experience in a no pressure setting to see if they like it...
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    Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?)

    Sue for damage to’s an easy win - but like most lawsuits, winning is not hard....collecting is. I’ve got more judgements on people sitting on the books than I care to count. Can’t get blood from a stone.
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    Gibson's next legal target - Collings Guitar

    Build high quality instruments - provide great support - charge a premium and let the market determine if they want to overpay for "the ownership experience" - or if they just want to buy a bare bones experience and enjoy a well built instrument. Collings copied G in the high quality/cost -...
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    A/C help needed

    Good luck... At 16 years old....even if its fixable, new might be a better idea. More efficient - warranty and less chance of a breakdown. Hopefully its simple and AC tech can get you running to buy some time to think about it. I hear you on the daughter dropping the portable unit - then...
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    Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?)

    Ok - so well here it is.... My Saturday rental from hell. So rentals start with a booking via the booking site/agent (similar to AirBnB - VRBO) - renters complete a profile/enter credit card info and book the date - once rentals are completed, booking site pays me less fee's - and if anything...
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    Todays edition of People Suck (Renting - and is it really worth doing it ?) another “classic” for you guys tomorrow on this venture. Probably the worst experience I have had dealing with a customer...that says a lot in itself. How bad you ask - police were called, a Facebook lynch mob formed and threats against me and members of my family made - as well as...
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    Damn millennials - is a guitar the only thing you CAN’T rent online now?!?

    It’s not a personality “flaw” to me not wanting to deal with renting. 5% of the population is a complete dipshit. Some will put the number higher - but my experience says 5% (outside of Florida - SoCal and parts of Jersey) That 5% takes 95% of the effort - and there is the problem with these...

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