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  1. treatb

    what do you think? real or fake 59 black beauty?
  2. treatb

    wax potting removal

    how would i go about removing the wax potting from a pickup?
  3. treatb

    tail piece materials.

    i noticed on my r9, that the tailpiece fitting to the bolts isn't the tightest tolerance around. i also want to seat the tailpiece right on the top. the overwrap i use rotates it a decent amount, and short of making another one, i don't know how to fit it better. which got me thinking about...
  4. treatb

    how to harden a finish?

    hello, i am wondering, is there way to harden the finish on my guitar? to sort of shrink it. what if i put it in a uv light oven for a while, would that do anything compared to the 50 years of light's effect on the original bursts?
  5. treatb

    are these the original pots?

    this is a 2006 68 reissue with relic. looks like reworked solder on the ground of the bridge tone. the neck pickup connection also appears to be partly cold soldered and it doesn't run onto the pot. the caps are tied around the bottom of the connector too which i thought is weird. its been...
  6. treatb


    I played a 1959 black beauty, fretless wonder today. IT EVEN HAD A BIGSBY. i have to say, i've never heard a bigsby that sweet in my entire life. the tone was spectacular. it just sang to me, and just gave me all that i could want. i will share pictures soon. i have a 45 minute recording...
  7. treatb

    max les pauls?

    any threads on these yet? very pricy. would like to play one. sounds like they are practically the real thing but made in modern times.
  8. treatb

    'Grainger Burst' for sale
  9. treatb

    dating a strange les paul

    2,000 at a pawn shop, has the sweetest tone, very soft warm and hot.
  10. treatb

    Wiring 2x16ohms to 16 ohms in a cab

    I understand series. Parallel and series/parallel. But why cant we get clever and just wire two 16 ohm speakers to 16 ohms? How? Wire each speaker seperately and have them run into the same input jack. But would that be the same as parallel because the electrical charge would be required to...
  11. treatb

    Gibson is out of control

    Gibson Custom: Collectors Choice 17 1959 Les Paul Louis i've been noticing this for the last 5 years, how gibson is "remaking" all these bursts, is it just me, or is this a gimmick/joke? they've started selling a pinstripe lookalike to billy gibbons's gold top, now they want 8,000 for a...
  12. treatb

    true black beauty.

    Vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom True Black Beauty Never Seen This Nice | eBay wish i had the 175,000!
  13. treatb

    is this vintage or replaced? 1959 p90

    it's from a 59 es 125
  14. treatb

    1959 gibson es-125

    Let me start out and apologize for posting this on the vintage section for les pauls but i've seen the threads dying a bit over the last few years, and thought that this would be an interesting topic. on march 25, 2014. i picked up a one owner 1959 gibson es-125 for $1299.00. I took the guitar...
  15. treatb

    r9 body grain.

    shouldn't the body of an r9 feature a solid slab of straight quarter sawn mahogany? are there no quality perimeters for the custom shop?
  16. treatb

    R9 guts

    Ive been curious about the pots in my 50th r9. They have no markings on them what so ever. Did the guy i bought it from change out the real ones? Or are normal r9 pots just plain cheap looking pots?
  17. treatb

    43 gauge silver wire

    where can i get this, i am designing a pickup for my 1955 gibson j45 and i am only gonna make the best possible pickup. everyplace i call with these idiots working only seem to laugh at me when i ask for 43 gauge and its a very frustrating task. and i'm also looking for a very small volume pot...
  18. treatb

    les paul neck repair ?'s

    My friend recently gave me his les paul to fix for him. i just graduated from a luthier school in az, and know how to fix it conventionally and have many ideas. but my question is since the chance of this neck breaking again in the future, could i use carbon fiber to wrap around it. does this...
  19. treatb

    the gibson mark series

    i found a gibson mk-72 at a goodwill for 25 in good shape...missing pickguard an rosery. but its playable and just needs work. what can anyone tellme bout the glue used or anything new.
  20. treatb

    50th R9 ?

    are the new 50th's anniversary 59's made with hide glue? i think they damn well should be... idk if i really want to know the answer to this question.

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