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  1. flamesarewicked

    FS: Eastman SB59/v

    Includes hardshell case. Pickups are Duncan antiquities with the stock A2 magnets swapped to A5s. The A2s will be included. Mainly selling to buy another in a different finish or possibly LP.. These are some amazing guitars for the money. If you ever get a chance to try one, take it. Solid one...
  2. flamesarewicked

    2018 Gibson SG 61 RI feeler

    Just to share my experience when selling SGs.. and I’ve bought and sold many a SG.. I paid less than your asking price for my 2019 Standard 61 brand new... on the used market $1200-$1300 is common place for the standard 61... a 2018 standard is often less than that... just food for thought... glws
  3. flamesarewicked

    Should I Double-Cream It....?

    The answer is ALWAYS yes....
  4. flamesarewicked

    Hercules Guitar Stands

    I have two of the “tripod” style ones and they’re great.. only complaint is that they do have a big footprint
  5. flamesarewicked

    spark amp

    I plan to get one eventually ... if any of you gents that get one and don’t care for it.. I’ll be interested
  6. flamesarewicked

    Gregory Koch and his Sasquatchian Lockdown Jams

    I watch his live streams on FB when I’m not working .. always entertaining
  7. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: Friedman Smallbox 50w head $1875 shipped/ppd

    I may consider finding a combo version of it in the future.. I’ve yet to try a Friedman combo.
  8. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: Friedman Smallbox 50w head $1875 shipped/ppd

    Bought this from Sweetwater a couple of months ago and it sounds amazing.. paired up with my Marshall cab with greenbacks and V30s.. it’s a rocking amp.. decided to list it for sale to take a break from 50w tube half stack as a bedroom amp. Anyhow, it’ll include the original friedman shipping...
  9. flamesarewicked

    Ok . I Never Thought It would Come to This.Facebook.

    The only thing I keep an account for is the guitar/music groups and car groups.. I have like 700 of people on my friends list.. I don’t have many actual friends.. I just know a lot of people..
  10. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2002 Fender Classic Series 60s Stratocaster

    I didn’t know they did either.. after looking online they've been around since the late 90s I think. A lot of people don’t care for the radius but I haven’t found it to be a limited factor in my playing. I don’t do much more than a full step bend anyhow...
  11. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2002 Fender Classic Series 60s Stratocaster

    It’s been recently refretted by a friend of mine who is a Luthier for Lafayette Music. The fretwork was done amazingly. The wire is Dunlop 6105. To me it’s a big improvement over the original small frets. The pickups are Fender Texas Specials. The tone controls are wired where the neck and...
  12. flamesarewicked

    SOLD - FS: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Iced Tea Burst, $1999 shipped/ppd

    It’s in super clean shape. Pickups are Cream T Whisker Buckers. They’re supposedly an exact clone of the pickups that are in the Pearly Gates Les Paul owned by Billy Gibbons. It also has historic tall pickup rings. The wiring is original and I’ve swapped the bridge with a Graphtech ResoMax...

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