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  1. dodona

    Custom P 90s and Standard P 90s GT differences?

    P90 is a word applied to all single coil pickups with larger coils and a bar magnets set under the polepieces. Thus they vary very much. Not only with regards to the induced microvolts, also the coil dimensions. Older rockinger neck P90s coil dimensions resemble those of fender strats for...
  2. dodona

    Peter Green, RIP

    R..I.P greatest of all brit blueser of the sixties :eek:
  3. dodona

    Acoustic tone of Strat

    I own 2 very good fenders. Nevertheless fenders are cheap mass products with bolt on necks. You can't compete them with a real guitar, a Gibson.
  4. dodona

    String Change Frequency

    In the 70ths and early 80ths I changed them weekly. Since I'm playing flats with my jazz guitars I also change the round wounds of my rock/blues guitars within a couple of years.
  5. dodona

    newbie needs help evaluating LPs

    first of all listen to what your ears, eyes and fingers say,. As an acoustic player you are used to play heavy gauged strings with high action. That's a big problem. Typical for a modern LP are light gauge strings and a low action. I play 010ths with a reletively low action good for blues...
  6. dodona

    NAD: Whacky Amp for Les Pauls

    vox proven that they can do a valve tone out of transistor related circuits
  7. dodona

    Hum when volume rolled down

    inspect the wiring circuit. Somethings wrong there
  8. dodona

    Exchange: Fender Stratocaster for Gibson Les Paul Alphine white burst 2013

    you have to pa a couple of $1000 above as Fenders having a lower value
  9. dodona

    gibson lespaul tradtional with 57 pups

    a little more hum - that's it
  10. dodona

    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    Gibson SG Special w P80 and Vibrola
  11. dodona

    Warranty issue

    It isn't only the nut
  12. dodona

    Would this work? Blower switch with a cap for "woman tone."

    Ensure the pot is grounded.
  13. dodona

    Gary Moore Tone?

    right. For a long time he used Marshall 1959 Super Leads with Volume set to 4(never more), whereas distortion came from guess 2*Boss DS-1. In the later years he occasionally used soldanos, however.mainly standard Marshall jcm2000 hi gain amps, Its not hard for me to reproduce his later sounds...
  14. dodona

    Seymour Duncan Antiquities vs. Gibson '59 Tribute pickups

    I can't say anything about '59 Tributes. However Antiquities sound just right in my Les Paul. There is nothing better.
  15. dodona

    Rubbery feeling string

    how long did you use them? Maybe change then and clean your finger before playing!
  16. dodona

    String Joy?

    interesting. Thx
  17. dodona

    Do i wire a toaster pickup like a humbucker or single coil

    how should the neck pup work with no 'hot' connected?
  18. dodona

    Seymour duncan covers in classic 57??

    that's new to me. I played dimarzio PAF's in the 70ths. They were close to gibsons.
  19. dodona

    Seymour duncan covers in classic 57??

    it increases hum and the resonance peak slightly.

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