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  1. jdto

    NSD? I’m a Well-Hung man and I want you all to know it!

    Oh yeah, baby. I’m hooked on Well-Hung straps from @TVvoodoo I got my first one, the Tweed, as a self-selected Xmas present from my wife. It goes perfectly with my Tele and is very comfortable. It also opened the can of worms of how nice it is to have a comfy, padded strap that also looks...
  2. jdto

    Search is broken

    When I try to search the forums, I get this: If I go to a member's profile to search for their recent posts, I get this:
  3. jdto

    NGD: 2016 ‘58 Reissue ES-335

    I’d checked this bad boy out at Long & McQuade in Toronto many times and tried to not think about it too much. Then Gibson Month came around and fired the GAS back up, so I’m sure you can all figure out what happened next. I’ve had it for most of April and I feel I’m starting to get to know it...
  4. jdto

    Van driver runs down pedestrians in Toronto

    No details yet as to motivation, identity or anything. Several injured, at least one dead, maybe more. This guy drove through a busy area of the city on the sidewalk at high speed and hit several people. The police took him alive (he was holding a cellphone pretending it was a gun, but the...
  5. jdto

    Ok...ok...something must be done about this...

    @TheX and @VancoD Pistols at dawn? Who claims the avatar? VS.
  6. jdto

    Atlantic Records Screws Over Guitarist for Playing Riffs

    This guy, Truck Driver Shawn, is a longtime contributor to the Riff of the Day group on Facebook. He's fun to watch and generally a nice guy whose life has been a bit rough lately with the loss of his wife. Atlantic Records got his account banned/deleted, including all access to the photos and...
  7. jdto

    NSD: More Blue, this time of the Sonic Variety

    When this 59 Vintage Thin Skin Strat in Sonic Blue popped up at GuitarsCanada a short while ago, it immediately fired up my GAS. The thin skin finish, the chunkier neck, the 6105 frets and the 9.5” radius all combine to make this the closest thing to my ideal Strat spec. Anyway, I think I’m set...
  8. jdto

    NGD: Got the blues? Gretsch G5420T Fairlane Blue

    I’d been looking for a small, light amp that isn’t too powerful that I can take to small jams and also use at home on occasion. The Vox AC4C1-BL seemed to fit the mould, so yesterday I hiked out to store in the west end of Toronto and snagged it, as it sounded good. While I was there, I...
  9. jdto

    NBD: Yamaha TRBX174EW and hand/wrist pain

    I've been curious to try bass and my brother picked up one of these Yamahas a few months ago, so on Sunday I trekked up to Cosmo Music and came home with this one. I also tried a short scale Fender Mustang PJ and liked the feel of it, but it was more than I wanted to spend. I have a decent bass...
  10. jdto

    NGD PRS McCarty 594

    I love this thing. Happy times! The craftsmanship is off the charts, it feels like it was made for me and it sounds glorious. I've been playing it all night, but now I'm taking a break because my damn arthritis is bugging me. I took it to jam/band practice this evening straight from the store...
  11. jdto

    NPD: Vineham Rabid Dog P90s (and sort of a belated NGD)

    I recently picked up a Gibson SG Special T (the 70s Tribute style with Firebird pickups and a maple neck). I wasn't overly enamoured of the pickups, but the guitar just plays so nicely and resonates so well, I had to get it anyway. Fast forward to last night and I finally installed a set of...
  12. jdto

    Help me balance my HS Tele Pickups

    Hi All. I recently put together a Warmoth Tele that turned out pretty well. I went with a classic look, although the neck is a short-scale, 59 profile, which is very comfortable for me. Anyway, it came together well and I just got it back from my luthier, who dressed the frets and did a full...
  13. jdto

    Tube saturation for the computer or tablet looks like the big brains at Line 6 have come up with another great product :naughty:
  14. jdto

    Pulled the covers on my '16 Trad Honeyburst

    I like it. Double white (not the stock 57 Classics, BTW). It's probably the new strings (or confirmation bias), but it seems like I hear a bit more grit in the high end, which I actually like.
  15. jdto

    Thinking about the Amplifire

    I'm thinking the Amplifire in the pocket of my gigbag would probably be a great portable rigs for taking to jams where I don't want to break out the full Helix floorboard along with my XiTone. Most of the time, I'm content to play straight into an amp, or maybe add one or two effects, at most...
  16. jdto

    Woman Lived with 600 RATS!

    What the hell? How could you live in a ONE BEDROOM apartment with that many rats and not get eaten in your sleep? Looks like she got in some trouble...
  17. jdto

    Joyo Ironman Pedals

    These are nice little pedals, but my Helix has all the effects I need, so I'm looking to move these on to new homes. They are hardly used and all work perfectly. I accept regular PayPal and ship via Canada Post/USPS in North America. Sorry, but international shipping is not worth it. $35...
  18. jdto

    The Schaffer Replica Pedal

    For Those About To Rock! In great condition, hardly used. The Schaffer Replica is the secret ingredient to nailing Angus Young's Back in Black tone. While he played through a huge Marshall, add this clean boost/compression to just about any amp and get ready to rock. It also helps in front...
  19. jdto

    Joyo JW-01 Wireless - Cheap wireless, bad signal?

    I recently snagged one of these from Amazon to give it a try. I figured having a wireless would be fun and allow me to wander a bit, as well as allow me to hook up a sort of semi-portable rig. Given the low price, I figured I'd try it out and hope for the best. Unfortunately, when I tried it...
  20. jdto

    Thinking about a Helix plus a pedal question

    I am on the verge of taking the Helix plunge after looking at all the factors between it and the other modelling options. I think for my personal use, this will be a good solution in terms of both space and versatility, allowing me to get the sounds I want at any volume level. I will likely go...

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