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  1. Wailing

    Is this Ash ?

    Hi folks Would any of you kind people give me your opinion on the kind of wood my 1970 Telecaster is made from ? cheers Wailing
  2. Wailing

    Fess Up Time ..... How Many ?

    The old question.... but wanted to hear some up to date info.... How many Geetars do you currently own..and are you sticking, twisting to get more or ‘reducing the herd’ ??
  3. Wailing

    Heaven.. I'm in Heaven.... Nolan 50 watt and 18 Watt Marshall

    Ive just been lucky enough to find a Nolan 50 watt (early 70's) head, so have the choice between EL84's (18 Watt) and EL34's now !!
  4. Wailing

    That Peter Green Sound

    Hi Folks I have been lucky enough to find a set of used Bareknuckle PG pickups... No box or instructions..Would I be right thinking I instal them with the exposed poles furthest from the neck (best description I could think of) ? Looking forward to hearing them sing Kind regards Wailing
  5. Wailing

    Happy New Year from the UK !!

    New Years resolution... No more guitars
  6. Wailing

    Les Paul P90 Harness

    Hi Folks I have just acquired a 2016 Les Paul Tribute with P90’s ....Any recommendations for a upgrade for the harness?? Pot values..Linear or Taper...50s wiring or treble bleed Kind regards Wailing
  7. Wailing

    Is this a message ???

  8. Wailing

    Wishbone Ash gig Cambridge UK

    Went to see Wishbone Ash this week for the first time... I’ve been aware of their music since the 70’s but didn’t realise what fantastic musical craftsmiths they are... one of the original band, one that’s been there for over 20 years and two guys who have been drafted in more recently.. great...
  9. Wailing

    SG Junior Bridge

    Hi Folks To get the intonation 'correctish' down the fretboard I need to set the bridge at this angle, will it cause any difficulties ? Cheers Wailing
  10. Wailing

    89 Junior wiring

    Hi Folks This is a shot of the wiring on my 1989 Les Paul Junior. I’m guessing it’s original, and when contrasting with my 2016 with 50s wiring, does not sound as ‘articulate’ and chimey... I’m wondering if it’s the pickup or this wiring.. any thoughts ? Would you change ?
  11. Wailing

    1960 Melody Makers...Many made ??

    Hi folks Do any of you learned individuals know if there are any links or information ‘out there’ with numbers of the single cut Melody Makers Gibson produced in 1959 and 1960 ? Cheers.. Wailing
  12. Wailing

    Pickguard For Les Paul.... Without The Need For Screw Holes.... Does This Exist ??

    Hi Folks I have a 2002 Standard (Wonderful Beast) and I want to be able to put on and take off the pickguard without adding screw holes... Daft question methinks you will say.. But does anyone have a solution to this problem (Yes I know its a 1st World Problem... and a little bit pathetic.. but...
  13. Wailing

    SG Junior 2016: Will change of Capacitor/Pots create desired change?

    Hi Folks I have a 2016 SG Junior with a Bareknuckle Nantucket P90 and new harness. I wanted the guitar to have a similar bright complex tone to my 2016 Les Paul Junior with Nantucket and harness. I am always drawn to the sound of the LP Junior as the clarity and complexity of sound is fantastic...
  14. Wailing

    T Top or Tim Shaw

    Hi folks Can any of you wonderful people help me identify what kind of pickup I have just purchased... I hope to get it installed over the next couple of weeks
  15. Wailing

    Wiring Push Pull Pot for 'Normal' Non Split Pickup

    Hi Folks Can you help me, I have a 2013 Signature T which has 57 classics, which have the split coil option. I want to change the bridge pickup for a T-Top which so not come with the split option. I would prefer to keep the pots as they are, which tags do I wire the leads to? The picture I have...
  16. Wailing

    500 K pots

    Hi Folks How do I tell if these are 500K pots Cheers Wailing
  17. Wailing

    Vantage Guitars

    Hi Folks Im off on a curved ball again... Since I traded my USA Strat and a Gibson DC Special for a 2002 Standard (Most wonderful guitar) Ive been missing the old 'three pickup' sound of my Strat. I spotted a cheap made in Japan Vantage on that well known auction site, and have taken the plunge...
  18. Wailing

    Les Paul Junior or SG Junior ??

    Hi folks If you were to buy just one Gibson Junior, would it be a single cut les Paul or an SG Junior ? and..... why
  19. Wailing

    Yellowcake Your Mom

    Hi Folks.. My Fuzz addiction continues.. I spotted a ‘Your Mom’ pedal on Reverb for a reasonable price, and couldn’t resist... The pedal turned up.. I set all controls on 12 o’clock and ‘wow’ excellent crunch with a great fuzz edge... totally bowled over, made the SG Junior sing though the...
  20. Wailing

    Ear Defenders

    Hi Folks Any thoughts on the most effective ear defenders 'out there' at this moment in time? I am currently using 'Sonica' ear plugs, but would be happy to spend a little more if there was something out there that kept the tone but reduced the volume more effectively Cheers ....

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