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  1. viper007

    Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul Custom is coming

    Later this year it seems...
  2. viper007

    NGD SG Special

    Very happy with this one :)
  3. viper007

    New Blues Deluxe

    Bought this today and sounds great!
  4. viper007

    NGD SG Junior

    Plays like a dream...
  5. viper007

    Nice ice tea R9

    2009 gibson les paul 1959 reissue vos - eBay (item 290506256027 end time Dec-06-10 09:31:40 PST)
  6. viper007

    Santa brought me this..

    My first historic, 05 R8.
  7. viper007

    Some demos

    Here's a couple of demos i've done by myself. I'm not much of a singer (or guitarist either for that matter) but still... SoundClick artist: Anders Schmidt - page with MP3 music downloads SoundClick artist: Anders Schmidt - page with MP3 music downloads
  8. viper007

    Metallica with burst

    James with his burst... YouTube - Metallica - Creeping Death (Live New York 2009)
  9. viper007

    New setup, new amp

    I've just did a new setup on my guitar and at the same time purchased a new amp. Over the years i've played throug fbt, carlsbro, randall, vox and laney. This is the first marshall and it's a JCM 900 SL-X.
  10. viper007

    Pictures of Dickey Betts?

    Anyone got any picures on stage of Dickey Betts? Thanks in advance.
  11. viper007

    Lynard Skynard better as 2 guitarist band?

    I've been listen a lot lately to the bootleg "Unreleased KBFH Show" from 1975. I must confess i'm a huge fan of Gary Rossington and it seems to me that he gets more space (obviously) and you can really hear Gary's rhytm playing in a different way than with 3 guitars. Also Billy's sound and...
  12. viper007

    Favourite guitarist in Thin Lizzy?

    For myself i prefer Brian Robertson
  13. viper007

    Plaintop R0

    Anyone interested? Gibson 1960 Les Paul Reissue-Iced Tea Burst - eBay (item 300323224874 end time Jun-23-09 15:48:59 PDT)
  14. viper007

    Need some pickup help?

    A guy offered me some pickups that he discribe as "Gibson PAF Reissues who comes from a R9 1996. The guitar have gone to the japanese market Yamano" . I have now a standard faded which i belive have burstbucker pros. 1. Is this burstbucker (not pro) pickups? 2. Is there any different...
  15. viper007

    Billy Gibbons + friends

    See Billy, duff, slash and Tommy Lee with the kick drums.... YouTube - Battleground Earth Los Angeles Does anyone know how to get rid of the stamp?

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