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  1. archey

    Have you ever dreamed about someone who died

    I lost my grandmother a couple of years back. We were very close. She helped raise my brothers and I. I was out of state on vacation when she passed, and I felt a lot of guilt about not being there when she died. I don't remember exactly how many days after she passed (I believe it was two...
  2. archey

    FS Archey Hawkeye

    Built this one from scratch. Sounds great and has a big beefy neck. $1800 shipped to conus only. Archey Hawkeye Brazilian 2017 Aged Sunburst Hand Made...
  3. archey

    Sold Prs S2 standard 22

    Upgraded with 57/08 pickups and US core tremolo. Conus only $1100 shipped. If you want the original Korean made trem instead I'll knock off $100. Paul Reed Smith S2 Standard 22 2016 Cherry 57/08's...
  4. archey

    Univox Limited Edition (Special Doublecut copy)

    I got one today. Pretty nice sounding mij p90's in it. I was kind of surprised. The pickguard is missing. Do any of you have this particular model? I'd love to find someone who would be willing to trace the pickguard and mail it to me. I wish I could figure out how to post pictures. It says file...
  5. archey

    Has anyone here ever tried hemp flowers?

    I just found out that you can legally buy hemp flowers/buds. I don't smoke marijuana, although I used to enjoy it in my younger years. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for hemp flowers grown right here in Indiana. I read up on the subject and found out that smoking or vaping hemp flower is...
  6. archey

    Some inlay work that I'm sure you all will have an opinion on...
  7. archey

    Rip Beethoven

    Damn man. This hits hard. Watch out for lead guys.
  8. archey

    Show us your Jack o lantern

    Here's mine for this year.
  9. archey

    A comprehensive list of annoyances and/or grievances with humankind

    I'll start. These chicks on Facebook who post self empowerment quotes in the third person. They usually start out "Then she suddenly realized that blah, blah blah. And ends with realizing how strong or great or beautiful she has always been. They're usually posted by single women in their 40's...
  10. archey

    Fried Green Tomatoes is a good movie

    Okay Who. I'll see your Dirty Dancing, and raise you a FGT. It was my grandma's favorite movie. I've always enjoyed it, even as a kid. People will say it's a chick flick. But the main characters kill, cook and serve the villain to customers at their restaurant. That's a crazier plot than most...
  11. archey

    End of life visions

    *Spoiler* So it turns out that everyone dies. A lot of people choose to pretend that it's not going to happen. Some people obsess about it. I've done both at different times in my life. I've been watching some videos on YouTube of a man named Peter Fenwick. Dr Fenwick is a neuropsychologist...
  12. archey

    Sorry if this isn't allowed

    Hopefully this is permissible as you guys are going to be more interested in this than just players. I have a 10 ft solid brw armoire. Prs guitars was going to purchase it, but they couldn't procure a cites certificate for it so the deal went through. I have it listed on Ebay. If I can do the...
  13. archey

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist...

    But when I see large groups of people poised to attack the police, and they all have water guns, and all the water guns look like they are brand new, I've got to ask myself what's going on. Did random people get together, go to the store to buy water guns and then randomly decide to attack the...
  14. archey

    Neck joints

    Do you suppose that different style neck joints have an affect on a guitar's tone? All things being equal, let's suppose we're only talking about glued in necks here. If you took the same body, but on one you used the traditional style Les Paul joint, and on the other you made it with a Prs...
  15. archey

    Kawai KS11 guitars

    Is anyone familiar with this model. I was looking at one the other day online. They were made in Japan in the late 70's and early 80's. They appear to be well built, but I've never actually played one. Just curious if anyone has first hand experience that they would share. Thanks!
  16. archey

    Deathbed visions and dreams

    I've been interested in this phenomenon ever since I learned that it's a pretty common occurrence. Before my grandmother died she had reoccurring dreams about my grandfather who had passed a few years prior. She told me that for some reason in her dreams he was always faced away from her and it...
  17. archey

    FSOT: Fender Lead ii guitar w/ WD solid rosewood neck + upgrades

    Cool guitar, but I'm more of a humbucker guy. Upgrades include solid rosewood neck plus original neck included, Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot and Lil' 59 pickups. Trade interests are for mainly toward a Prs with a trem. $850 shipped to conus only.
  18. archey


    Nice dark pieces. Sanded flat, ready to use. #1) 19 1/8"x 2 1/4"x 15/64" #2) 21 1/4"x 2 1/2"x 15/64" #3) 21 1/4"x 2 1/2"x 15/64" #4) 21 1/4"x 2 5/8"x 15/64" I'd like to sell these as a grouping. $300 shipped within conus only.
  19. archey

    How about a luthiers classified thread?

    I've had a few things for sale, wood mostly, that really only fellow builders would be interested in. It seems as though it gets overlooked in the regular classified section. It would be cool if we could have a sticky thread in the luthiers corner for items that fellow builders would be...
  20. archey


    This fretboard was made from reclaimed lumber that came from a desk dating to the mid to late 1800's. It's the last piece that I have from it. Quarter sawn 24.562" scale 12" radius perfect for a lp build. It has some cool red striping that old growth tends to have.

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