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  1. PlainT0P83

    $1200 - 2018 Gibson LE SG Jr. Junior - Script Logo

    Purchased new September 2018. Sparsely played, never gigged. Has pick marks on the guard, but other than that it's super clean. KILLER 2-piece Mahogany body with 3D figuring. This was a Limited Edition that year, has the pre-CMI "Script Logo" and "Only a Gibson is good enough" on the back of...
  2. PlainT0P83

    SOLD - Valvetech Hayseed 30 1x12 in Black/Wheat w/English Greenback

    Valvetech Hayseed 30 w/1x12 Celestion Greenback (made in England). Black Tolex, white piping and wheat grill cloth. Made in 2013. S/N# 720. Signed by Rob in the chassis. Amp weighs about 55 lbs. In excellent condition. A few scuffs on the tolex, but no major tears, rips, dents. Very little...
  3. PlainT0P83

    Should I mod my 2019 Explorer???

    So I have owned a model year 2019 Explorer for just over a year now. I love this thing... Since I purchased this guitar I've become obsessed with Explorers, especially the vintage ones! So, even though I love it as is, I kind of want to do this to it: I am thinking about: - Swapping...
  4. PlainT0P83

    2019 Gibson Explorer Demo and Review

    Hey everyone! I made this video a couple months back, but never posted to the forum. I put a lot of work into it. I figured I would share here. Let me know what you think! (The good and the bad).
  5. PlainT0P83

    SOLD! 2006 Gibson Custom "G0" 1960 Les Paul VOS

    2006 Gibson "G0" 1960 Les Paul VOS Plain Top in Lemon burst (or Honey Burst?) Model: "LPR-0" $SOLD!!! Thanks Rex!!!! Weight: 9#3.2oz (9.2lbs) on digital scale I cannot find that exact "spec sheet" or an old GC ad for this guitar, but if you're looking for one of these GC "G0's" then you know...
  6. PlainT0P83

    NGD: 1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom - What happened???

    So I am about to move and I have been trying to clear things out to help. In my sick mind I thought it would be better to trade some bulky amps and speakers and such for guitars, because after all they're lighter and take up less space, right? Ha! So I traded a head and cab for some cash and...
  7. PlainT0P83

    1968 RI Gibson Les Paul out there???

    Hey guys, I remember that back when I was in college and guitar crazy there was a Les Paul that I wanted soooooooo bad, but my current financial state required me to sell a guitar every month to pay for rent and tuition :mad: I found this thread: 'Custom Shop' 1968 Les Paul Custom Chambered...
  8. PlainT0P83

    "The Strat in the Attic" book by Deke Dickerson

    Just curious to see if anyone else has read it? Sorry, too tired to give a review right now, but I just want to say that I frickin' love it. I'm already halfway through reading it again. A Russian novel doesn't compare to this.....and I base that off that fact that I have never read a Russian...
  9. PlainT0P83

    2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus Top - $1800

    2012 Gibson Les Paul Premium Plus Top in Heritage Cherry Burst. 3/20/12 inspection date. Has real Rosewood board. Like new condition. A few swirl marks from light playing and a small ding on back of the neck, but other than that it's super clean. Comes with hardshell case. Features...
  10. PlainT0P83

    2001 Les Paul Classic Honeyburst - Player grade - $1400

    PLEASE READ: This guitar is beat up! Nothing wrong structurally (no headstock break), but it has been gigged heavy. Lots of dings, scrapes, dirt, dents, etc... but it is a player. Only 8.6# on digital scale. The bridge volume pot's shaft top was split (I've since soldered a new 300K pot so you...

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