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    NGD: Finally! My First Gibson ever - 2020 LP Unburst

    Hi All After a long search I finally found it! First I wanted a Blue Berry Burst, but it was shop soiled with lots of swirls, broke my heart and was to expensive to import one from Japan. Then I placed an order at the local guitar shop for a Slash Les Paul in Vermilion Burst, they are on back...
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    Advice on buying from eBay ?

    Hi Guys Saw a brand-new Gibson Les Paul on eBay .Ad states it is made in USA but shipped from Japan, has the serial number and everything. Not sure why it comes from Japan Any one use eBay before with a similar experience ? Local dealers in my country don't have the LP I want. Any advice or...
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    Hi from Epiphone Les Paul owner

    Hi Guys I am stumbled across the forum when doing a google search so I had to Join! All the way from South Africa, I own a Epiphone Les Paul Standard PRO - HCS and Fender T Bucket Acoustic Guitar. I have browsing the forum and there is a lot of information here. Great forum. I am in process of...

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