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  1. doitforvangogh

    Plain tops need love too

    '05 G0 with a '97 R7
  2. doitforvangogh

    Rick Nielsen Buys Geddy Lee's 59

    Mama's alright. Daddy's alright.
  3. doitforvangogh

    Sell an SG to obtain 335? Thoughts

    Sell the Custom.
  4. doitforvangogh

    SOLD: (PRICE DROP) Vaschenko Stratocaster

    That is a beautiful guitar. After devouring the build pics I need a cigarette and a shower.
  5. doitforvangogh

    Why are R0’s Listed So Much More

    This is interesting. I too have been looking at the R0 lately and it is a little more than the same G0, and the G0 has a vastly lower production. 2005 had something like 25 and 2003 had 50. But, that R8 is far beyond driven. I'd keep it.
  6. doitforvangogh

    Avengers Endgame: Did it live up to the hype?

    I'm boycotting future MCU flicks until they bring in the Surfer and Namor.
  7. doitforvangogh

    Paul Kossoff's 1959 Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned

    Saw this guitar at Songbirds today. Unreal in person.
  8. doitforvangogh

    NGD: SG Special

    Just lucked into this SG Special, it's my first SG and so far it's really making it easy.
  9. doitforvangogh

    McGregor Vs Khabib

    Dana White. What a tremendous douche. I hope Khabib gets an immediate rematch and in it he completely renders McGregor unrecognizable. Then takes his money, tells Dana to lick his love pump and disappears into the night never to heard from again.
  10. doitforvangogh

    Coyote pups playing around after midnight.

    Snare collar or foot hold trap. .22 makes a slight and almost undetected report.
  11. doitforvangogh

    Even Established Bands Can’t Make a Buck

    It's cyclical. When your chosen genre stops being "the" genre people are buying, focus on something else. Pizza delivery, for example. Real Estate. Or you could just cut your costs and stop pretending to be an arena filling rock star.
  12. doitforvangogh

    MotoGP in 2018 >spoiler<

    When MM retires, he will fade into obscurity like Alex Criville.
  13. doitforvangogh

    The Song Name Game

  14. doitforvangogh

    You just dont understand glam----But these cats do

    God. That was horrible.
  15. doitforvangogh

    Showed Up a Metalhead at Muso Store. Share Your Stories!!!

    Should have played "Freebird."
  16. doitforvangogh

    My Historic's Finish is Cracking

    Congratulations on the checking!
  17. doitforvangogh

    Got my new Asteroids T-Shirt!

    A GT40 shooting rockets. Nice.
  18. doitforvangogh

    Any relative members here?

    My rockstar cousin in on here, somewhere.
  19. doitforvangogh

    F(_)CK F(_)CK F(_)CK F(_)CK F(_)CK

    The North Korean judge only gave it a 4.3. -sorry-

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