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  1. Ledheadforlife

    Pretty neat

    Thought this was kinda cool These Ordinary Tourists May Never Know The Horrors That Took Place Where They Stand | Distractify
  2. Ledheadforlife

    R.I.P Billy Jack

    'Billy Jack' actor-writer Tom Laughlin dies at 82 -
  3. Ledheadforlife

    More Craigslist Goodness

    Pro Groupie Available
  4. Ledheadforlife

    Is this a good deal?

    Got a guy wanting to trade me 2 usa telecasters for my les paul, one is a jim root sig, white with black pick guard, the other is a '52 reissue in butterscotch blonde. My les paul is a limited edition midnight manhattan standard, he said he'll also kick in $200. Is this a good deal money-wise...
  5. Ledheadforlife

    New Norlin Day !

    Just picked up this 1985 Custom in Ferrari red, looks to be in great shape, plays and sounds killer!
  6. Ledheadforlife

    NGD x 2, Custom and Standard content

    I guess my mid-life crisis is in full effect, bought 2 new lesters a couple of days ago for no apparent reason :D First up is a 1985 Custom in Ferrari red, looks almost new and came with the good ol' chainsaw case. Guess I'll call him "Magnum" Second one is a 2007 Standard...
  7. Ledheadforlife

    Seems Legit

    E string..jimi hendrick
  8. Ledheadforlife

    Real or Fake?

    FT/FS Gibson Les Paul Standard Thinkin about givin this guy a call, and I'm usually pretty good about spotting fakes but I just dont know about this one, pics arent too great and the first pic appears to be a stock photo. Any other opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  9. Ledheadforlife

    Sickest deal ever

    check this out: 1968 American Fender Stratocaster -Olympic White
  10. Ledheadforlife


    New drums day! I had a spare Marshall stack sitting around that wasnt getting used so I traded it to a dude on craigslist for this, kind of a Christmas present to myself.
  11. Ledheadforlife

    Craigslist Hall Of Fame Contender

    Had to share this: best of craigslist: Naked on the 6 train: - m4m craigslist > new york > Naked on the 6 train: - m4m Naked on the 6 train: - m4m -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2011-05-10, 9:59PM EDT...
  12. Ledheadforlife

    Whats your paypal password?

    I like stuff to kind of go together, so my password is "pagerulz" and my email address is "" Whats your email address and paypal password? :)
  13. Ledheadforlife


    New turntable day! Since my 30 year old belt drive Technics table crapped out a couple weeks ago I've been looking for a replacement. I thought about buying something cheap but since my wife and I havent had a big ass fight for awhile, and since I've always wanted one, I decided to get...
  14. Ledheadforlife

    Saw Eric Johnson Last Night...

    Sittin at work reading the newspaper yesterday, I stumble across a little blip about Eric Johnson playing right up the road from me that night, had no idea he was comin around, went home and told the wife theres a concert we have to go to, of course when I told her who it was she's like "who's...
  15. Ledheadforlife

    babied addicts

  16. Ledheadforlife

    Who Concert '79 Revisited

    1979 Who Tickets Good for Rhode Island Concert |
  17. Ledheadforlife

    Anybody who gets punched in the mouth needs kicked in the groin

    Just sayin, if they deserved to be punched, u might as well kick em too. I would. If they were kinda small and I had a quick exit strategy mapped out.
  18. Ledheadforlife

    Craigslist Hilarity

    Rare Guitar Case
  19. Ledheadforlife

    This is cool!

    Carved Guitars
  20. Ledheadforlife

    Stupid Question

    So, I just bought a new digital camera, a sony cybershot dsc-w570, cause I dropped my old one and it's totalled. This camera takes oustanding pictures so far, as long as the subject isnt moving. Problem is, most the the pics I take are at rock concerts and the subjects are seldom, if ever...

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