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    Do these PAF look legit?

    Hello, To PAF specialists, could you tell me if these ones look the real deal? I have no specifical reason to doubt, but they're on an 1960 ES-175, which model has the original PAF's robbed more often than not. Many thanks!
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    Vintage ES-175 neck profiles

    Hello, I'm on the hunt for a vintage ES-175. I reduced my search to PAF years, so basically 1957-1962. I'm now trying to choose between 3 guitars. I live in a small european country, so buying locally is not an option, and I will likely have to make a choice without trying the guitar. That...
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    Hysteric bar pickups?

    Hello from Belgium, It's my first post though I'm a long time reader. I recently noticed that a lot of people in France and possibly here in Belgium advertise their Les Paul stating that they have "hysteric bar pickups", supposedly "the best PAF replica on the market". Well, I know that tone...

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