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    New Strymon pedal revealed at noon PST today!

    This is real....I wonder what it will be?
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    Boss OD-200

    12 modes, 3-band EQ, boost, presets, and a noise gate? I want one! This looks like the drive pedal that I always thought Strymon would make. I would buy it today if it was available now.
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    New EHX Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff PI

    I just ordered one from Sweetwater. This should be fun!
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    FYI: Excellent experience with Sounds Great Music (they're in England)

    The Weehbo Bastard is my all-time favorite overdrive/distortion pedal, and they're getting hard to find in the US, so I ordered one from Sounds Great Music in England. (now I own two of them!) I ordered it on 5/17, and received it only 4 days later on 5/21! They shipped it from England to the...
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    Diezel Herbert pedal at NAMM !!

    I gotta get this! I have the VH4-2 pedal and it's great.
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    New Pedal Day - Wampler Dracarys

    I just got it yesterday. It's got a smooth high gain tone in the tight mode that I really like, and a very good 3-band EQ. High notes have a great singing quality to them when I add a bit of plate reverb. It sounds good at both high and medium gain levels. (Les Paul into a Boss Katana) I've...
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    NPD Diezel VH4-2

    It's here (delivered Tuesday) and it's fantastic! I knew it would rock, but I didn't know that I could get a smooth high gain sound on the second channel by playing around with the great 3-band EQ and the deep knob. It's got a ton of bass, (I like that) and a Les Paul sounds huge through this...
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    NGD (on order) Les Paul Supreme

    ETA 2's a NOS 2012 Supreme. Gibson Electric Guitar Les Paul Supreme Heritage Cherry Sunburst | Rainbow Guitars

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