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  1. Thundermtn

    Why is ZZ Top More Famous Than Mountain?

    Is it because ZZ Top made it big with Eliminator and MTV? They both have the same sort of feel in their playing and songs. They both have excellent guitar tone, but in his younger years Leslie had better vocals and his vibrato is in my top five players ever. Felix's bass tone and groove for me...
  2. Thundermtn

    What music do you surf MLP to?

    Most of the time when I'm on here I have something going on for background noise. Not only does it sort of hide my tinnitus but it's also is like watching a race with the tv volume turned up, it's just better some how. Lately it's been this in another window. <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  3. Thundermtn

    Most angry sounding guitar ever?

    What does it sound like? Who played it and with what gear? Not just sort of mad, full fledged po'd. If tone was an animal this should be a T-Rex with double rabies. Go.......
  4. Thundermtn

    Your coolest stage pic contest.

    A little contest for people that played out. Post the most B.A. stage pic of you/your band, post with the most likes by Monday morning wins. I'll open, that's me on the right with the SxS stack and the red BCR Beast in some dive bar in '06-'07.

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