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  1. mcgeorge

    FS~Eric Clapton Guitar/Amp Collection

    Holy cr@p. It's the end of an era!
  2. mcgeorge

    $OLD!: Paul Reed Smith SE Soapbar Solid-body Electric Guitar

    These are great little guitars! GLWS
  3. mcgeorge


    Huge LIKE for your quote from John Adams. GLWS too.
  4. mcgeorge

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop SOLD!!!!

    Congrats! Did he at least ask what the goldtop's spirit animal was? That's usually all I get picky about.
  5. mcgeorge

    FS: Electric City Pickups Garden Tribute set

    Very cool set! One of the few I've held onto...GLWS!
  6. mcgeorge

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop SOLD!!!!

    At the beginning of this thread there is a groovy goldtop for sale! Seems pretty simple to me.
  7. mcgeorge

    1918 (circa) Gibson Style O Artist

    I would be scared $hi+less to try that key... Who bails you out if it does not unlock again? Seriously- seeing this guitar made my day. It is exquisite. Just curious since I don't know anything... is that case handle 100 yr old mummified leather or what's the deal? Wishing you the best of...
  8. mcgeorge

    1918 (circa) Gibson Style O Artist

    Please allow me to lead off.... HOLY CR@P !!!! (could you put up a video of this thing?)
  9. mcgeorge

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop SOLD!!!!

    Beautiful goldtop J50315. GLWS.
  10. mcgeorge


    I have fond memories playing this guitar... it is truly awesome. GLWS
  11. mcgeorge

    ***SOLD*** 1957 Gibson Country Western

    Here we go.
  12. mcgeorge

    FS “Little Buddy” R9 - 7.8lbs!!! (Price Reduction!)

    Good Luck! There needs to be a guitar-seller's prayer at this point. That would actually made a decent thread. Who is the patron saint of PayPal and credit cards? In the meantime- GLWS!
  13. mcgeorge

    FS “Little Buddy” R9 - 7.8lbs!!! (Price Reduction!)

    My offer to housesit stands until this sells. Just leave the guitar. And the snacks.
  14. mcgeorge

    FS “Little Buddy” R9 - 7.8lbs!!! (Price Reduction!)

    I think you should loan it to me until that guy decides... :)
  15. mcgeorge

    FS: Victoria 35310 Combo (Fender 5E7 Bandmaster Clone) - $1650 OBO plus shipping

    Montrose- Rock Candy.... godly tone. These are fantastic amps. GLWS
  16. mcgeorge

    2013 Gil Yaron LP

    That's a beauty! You had better claim dibs on that thing when you sell it. I have a feeling you're going to want it back. Between the video that Jerry posted above and Pete Thorn's video of his GY... how could anyone NOT want to play one of these things?
  17. mcgeorge

    SOLD - Gibson Les Paul Shanks CC 07A #005 SOLD

    THAT was a fantastic guitar. Best neck carve of all time. Period. I had a pair of Yarons and this Shanks... #005 held its own with ease! I'm not sure I could see it in the listing pics... but this guitar has amazing finish checking. Can look plain or flamed depending on the angle. Plays at...
  18. mcgeorge


    One of the best amps I ever had. Stellar cleans to wicked overdrive... amazing reverb. And because it's not 2 channel like a BFDR, it weighs a little less. Got a price in mind?
  19. mcgeorge

    “They were made by Bharat Kandekar. But I had them rewound by Jon Gundry/Throbak since I didn’t like the sound. He also changed the magnets.”

    I'm more interested in hearing from Throbak about the condition of these pickups before they were redone. But an entertaining thread for sure. Now I'm going to go play my guitar.

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