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  1. maicolp

    Melody maker Sg Pelham blue vibrola issues?

    Hi ! I’m trying to figure out if my vibrola Is mounted in the right way on my melody maker. When I string the guitar with it And try and set my action the strings are barely touching the bridge. if I rise the bridge everything works break angle is simply not there and action is way to high to...
  2. maicolp

    need help on this Les paul junior 59

    hi guys i'm about to pull the trigger on this les paul junior from 1959 any eagle eye out there can pont me out if everything looks good? thank you as always!
  3. maicolp

    bavarian goldtop!!!!

    so guys... i had a project in mind fuelled by nicolasrivera... a goldtop 54 aged and distressed. something detailed and made with love... first step... find a good sounding R4 for my project: i found this GT in a northern location of italy some time ago... light and resonant with a nice figure...
  4. maicolp

    would you rather buy a '13 57 goldtop or...

    hi guys, found 2 guitars worth of my attention one historic 57 goldtop my 13 one historic 56 custom black beauty my 08 one with humbucker, the other with alnico staple and p90 same price (around 2.8 grands) wich one would you buy?
  5. maicolp

    help me identify this pickup

    this pickup is nested in my new (old) 65 trini lopez... i see no raised gold and no "L" tooling mark... is this a ripoff?
  6. maicolp

    NGD... 1965 Trini Lopez

    i'm so happy guys... traded my 1992 les paul custom for this 1965 trini lopez in really good shape. she used to wear a bigsby b-7 but was sent back to mother gibson to have a stop tail added. now i can swap between the two as i want. i also have a period correct CUSTOM MADE plate to cover stud...
  7. maicolp

    WTB or Trade Gibson Trini lopez

    i'm searching a Gibson trini lopez in good shape, the older the better. want to buy or trade with my old growth 59 burst replica or my 59 murphy or my pre historic 92 black beauty :dude: :fingersx:
  8. maicolp

    REAL BEAUTY or FAKE? (lots pics)

    look what i've found here in italy? burstlp59it what you guys think? is it the real thing?
  9. maicolp

    Help Gurus!! wich color is this les paul? (PIC HEAVY)

    i have this les paul. it's ver strange color and i don't know the name of it. anyone can shed a light? thank you
  10. maicolp

    possible braz board on my murphy?

    hi guys, just a silly question... is it possible that my 2007 murphy R9 has a braz fingerboard in it? my dealer TOMASSONE (bologna italy) says that it can be. gibson says that it's possible, maybe it's wood from an old stash but can't confirm that. the board has a nice figure and if i rub it...
  11. maicolp

    ft: 2007 murphy 59

    i'm in the deep sea of replicas.... i would love to trade my beloved murphy for a replica like single cut 54 make. or any other vintage correct replica... contact me
  12. maicolp

    ok, i'm crazy... top carve idea...

    ok... listen... i had a dream where with a wooden sphere used as a compression tool :wow: i was remodelling the top carve of my lespaul. i know it's weird and maybe impossible to do but... :hmm: since i don't wanna strip down my lespaul to recarve it... can a sphere be used to roll and...
  13. maicolp

    the perfect LESS TALL (les paul mini) companion!!!

    what you guys think? i've had some spare time and i came up with this cutie... sounds like a mini jcm800 on steroids.. it is only 4watts but has an ass kicking power:dude:
  14. maicolp

    expert needed les paul gold top

    hi guys, i need help with this goldtop... is it legit? seems that the bridge is an ABR1 not a NASHVILLE guitar is a 99 maybe e pre historic 57? help help help les paul gt :: IMG_2931.jpg picture by maicolp - Photobucket
  15. maicolp

    are WCR goodwoods any good?

    i'm searching for a pair of pickup to "pimp" my R9 murphy. not so satisfied with burstbucker that came stock. i've found a deal over Wcr goodwoods in zebra. are those any good? price tag is around 180$
  16. maicolp

    help! logo and binding ambering

    searched over here but just can't find a solution... i want to yellow/amber my custom binding and logo coz they are too white i like some works i saw from nicolasrivera, but i think the ageing process of the laquer over binding and logo are a secret as they are not explained unlike many other...
  17. maicolp

    how to test a pot with normal digital multimeter

    guys i need your help.. how to test my beloved gibson's pots using a digital multimeter?
  18. maicolp

    gibson historic pots need help

    my new r9 is a great guitar but.... i hate the feel of the potentiometers... they stick... really tough to rotate. is that a way to loosen them a bit? i woul love to be able to turn those 'tards with less effort. just like they were already broken in. HELP
  19. maicolp

    my new murphy 59. what you guys think?

    et voilat... done. found this lonely babe in a guitar shop and decided to bring her home. aged by tom also lifton case is aged what you guys think?
  20. maicolp

    would you rather buy....ADVICE NEEDED

    Wuold you guys buy historic les paul custom r7 black beauty (2003) 2400€ or gibson les paul custom reissue 57 blackbeauty (1992) 2100€ the are in incredible conditions what's worth and what's not... valuewise wich is better? i need your help:dude:

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