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  1. mcgeorge

    WTB- Electric City Hallowed Ground PAFs

    If anyone has a set of Electric City Hallowed Ground PAFs they'd like to part with, let me know!
  2. mcgeorge

    ***SOLD*** please delete

    Paul Reed Smith pre-lawsuit Soapbar Singlecut SE... $350 shipped Immaculate condition. Trans-black finish is like a mirror. Hardware is also pristine and rock solid. Electronics sound and feel top-notch. Guitar is light, resonant and very easy to play. Pickups are very musical. I have...
  3. mcgeorge

    **SOLD!** Fender Hot Rod 52 strat in Oly White! $1200 shipped

    **** SOLD **** **** SOLD **** **** SOLD **** **** SOLD **** 2007 Fender Hot Rod 62 Stratocaster! (Will add pics when it lets me! In the meantime- please see pics in my Reverb listing: ) Fender combined the...
  4. mcgeorge

    *SOLD SOLD SOLD* Shanks Les Paul CC7A #005 $4400 PP shipped

    Shanks #005 $4400 PP shipped (continental US only) Gibson Custom Shop CC7A John Shanks Les Paul #005 from 2013 MGL upgrades include aged Grovers, Dave Johnson pickguard Luxe caps (originals in case) COA and case candy- indicates 8.6 lbs This guitar was previously listed with other aftermarket...
  5. mcgeorge

    * please delete *

    ****please delete this listing****
  6. mcgeorge

    SOLD! Brittone 50w plexi ($800)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Brittone amps were built in the late 80's/early 90's by Robert Hudson. He got himself in trouble later on, but he built these phenomenal Marshall amps using Pacific Transformers iron (same as Ken Fisher for Trainwreck amps) and was at the absolute top of his game...
  7. mcgeorge

    1993 Gibson Nighthawk special- first year!

    Here is something you don't see everyday! Well, now you will because I will bump this thing... but otherwise, you don't see a first-year Gibson Nighthawk every day. Unless you own one- then you know you need a second one for when your friends come over and want to borrow yours. 1993 (first...
  8. mcgeorge

    1990's Victoria T-35310 (tweed Bandmaster)

    Mid 90's Victoria 35310 (tweed Bandmaster) best tone stack ever invented into 28 watts of 6v6 power I have this listed on Reverb dirt-cheap because I have waaaay too many amplifiers. This is one of my favorites, however. The tweed Bandmaster covers everything from country to jazz to...
  9. mcgeorge

    PLEASE DELETE Danocaster "T" Firemist Gold, flame neck- 6.8lbs

    A truly beautiful instrument... this is a 2016 Danocaster Single-cut weighing in at 6.8 lbs. This guitar has a lightweight ash body finished in Firemist Gold and a spectacular flamed-maple neck which was ordered as an upcharge. The neck is thick but very comfortable and easy to play...
  10. mcgeorge

    Fender Custom Shop Wildwood "10" '55 strat ($2900 pp shipped)

    Fender Custom Shop Wildwood “10” ’55 Strat relic in 2 tone sunburst- only 6.88 lbs. ($2800 pp shipped to your door!) This guitar was hand-selected at Wildwood from multiple guitars for its light weight and incredible resonance. The fat maple neck is extremely comfortable...
  11. mcgeorge

    DGN Paragon Special OX4 $1100

    DGN Paragon Special with OX4 $1100 pp + $100 shipping (no trades) Astounding high-end Custom Built guitar from an outstanding luthier in Connecticut. This is the over-the-top Les Paul Special you've been looking for! Featherweight and incredibly resonant with spectacular woods...
  12. mcgeorge

    $4950 or less FS: Gibson Custom Shop CC#7 Shanks serial #005

    Shanks CC 07A, Serial #005. 8.6 lbs ($5,250 PP shipped) Some believe these low serial number guitars got better woods or treatment at the factory… Shanks #005 has an incredible, accurate-to-original top! This guitar rings loud and clear with delightful tone to match its beautiful woods...

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