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    Does lack of binding bother you?

    ^Same here, except bound/dots looks fine to me. That's the spec for a "Special".
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    Let’s see some blue Les Pauls

    My Pelham Blue Classic Deluxe when it got the mini-hum. I originally ordered cream parts, but they clashed with the white binding. I could go with white plastics, but was unable to find ones that fit, and also realized it would then be too close to the Bonabyrd, so I went back to black. The...
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    Where to get bone white P-90 cover, mini-hum ring, and pickguard to fit 2018 Classic - or should I go back to black?

    Unfortunately they don't have the P-90 pickguard... Nope, I haven't decided yet, though I'm leaning heavily towards the black multi-ply.
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    Where to get bone white P-90 cover, mini-hum ring, and pickguard to fit 2018 Classic - or should I go back to black?

    And so I realized the Gibson cream plastic is just too pink for my 2018 Pelham Blue Classic (that I made into a Deluxe), in the light I play it most of the time. I want to try bone white. Tried the ones on eBay, didn't fit. I'm not going without a pickguard, because the pickguard left a gnarly...
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    NAD: Mesa .50 Caliber+

    On paper, the .50 Cal+ and the DC-5 should be very similar except the DC has independent channels. In reality, the DC-5 is much darker sounding due to three major differences. The first is that there are dulling caps across the PI plate resistors. Easy enough to snip them. The second is that...
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    WTB: Fender American Stratocaster ($750)

    Where are you? I currently have a Strat for trade but might be willing to sell if it's somewhere I can drive in a day trip.
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    NAD: Mesa .50 Caliber+

    Atomic Music strikes again. I saw this and decided to try it out, possibly as reference to pick up my DC-5 mod project again. I almost had it earlier this year, but further tinkered with it and ended up further away from my goals. Meanwhile, the .50 Cal+ was almost everything I wanted out of...
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    Ever Put Old Pickups in a New Les Paul?

    After being impressed by a vintage X2N in my Epiphone, I swapped it into the Gibson Trad Pro, sold the Epiphone with Gibson pickups, and never looked back.
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    Epiphones Getting Gibson Headstock Designs Soon

    I might consider an Epiphone Les Paul Custom if it has ebony and the open book headstock. It already looks like they are using ebony, so they better not switch back to rosewood for those.
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    Vibro Champ too clean

    No. I made sure the values were the same. Maybe the old caps just drifted that badly?
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    Vibro Champ too clean

    My Vibro-Champ was barely breaking up at 10 before I recapped it. Now I only need to turn it up to 6 to get that breakup.
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    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    I can't go below three LPs. One each to represent P-90 (Junior), mini-hum (modified 2018 Classic), and full-size hum (glossed Trad Pro).
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    NGD LP Classic 2017 w/ mini humbuckers & Bigsby Ebony

    Nice! I purchased a 2018 Classic and installed a mini-humbucker in the bridge. I wonder why they sold yours as a Classic and not a Deluxe seeing as it came with mini-hums.
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    Unforgiving amps

    Pretty much my same experience here when I switched from my Mesa to my Marshall Studio Vintage. On top of that, I never knew my X2N was microphonic until I ran the Les Paul it was in through the Marshall and boosted it. However, it does sound good with any type of pickup - Strat, P-90...
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    Worst Amp You've had. Best Amp You've Had. Simple Post.

    Looks like I might as well update. Since my last post, I got a Fender Silverface Vibro-Champ, Vox Pathfinder V1, and a Marshall Studio Vintage. The modded Mesa DC-5 completes the four basic sounds. Of the four, I'm leaning towards Marshall now. Well, technically the Vibro-Champ was the first...
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    NAD: Marshall Studio Vintage!

    I know "Made in England" sold me on these. I wonder why they started the mini / Studio series with the Jubilee instead of the more recognizable Plexi 1959/1987 and JCM800 2203/2204 preamps. Their previous new series, the Origin, was so close to being a smash hit. The master volume...
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    NAD: Marshall Studio Vintage!

    It just keeps getting better after I've dialed it in. I thought the G12T-75s were harsh at first with medium gain settings. But then I set the normal channel higher (7 or 8) for more body, and used the treble channel to add detail (around 4), and the harshness is gone. I don't mind the "scooped"...
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    NAD: Marshall Studio Vintage!

    The 2x12 vertical cabinet in general is just a funny-looking format to me.
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    NAD: Marshall Studio Vintage!

    I saw others posting their Studio Classics. I might as well add my NAD here, haven't seen a Studio Vintage over here. After wrecking my Marshall JTM60 (lousy thin traces and lousy clogged desoldering tip), I saw the Studio series. Turns out a Guitar Center had a Studio Vintage in, so I took a...
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    ESP USA guitars

    Actually looking at the ESP USA lineup, the fade and marble finishes look amazing, and I've found myself missing a superstrat since selling my Jackson DK-2. I haven't gotten along very well with my Strat. Maybe an HSS superstrat would serve me better. The ESP M-III is comparing very favorably...

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