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  1. FourT6and2

    Amp Build with Clip: JCM800 Atomica/Jose Mod

    I recently finished this build. "Atomica" style Jose mod. But maybe a little more aggressive/modern. I have a 6-position rotary for different clipping options on the back. Though I find myself using 2N5401s most of the time.
  2. FourT6and2

    Amp Build: Ceriatone Kraken 50

    Ok fine, it's really a Chupacabra. But it's got some voicing changes of my own and if the Yeti gets its own name... then this does too lol :) . They're all the same anyway—basically a Cameron SomethingOrOther, which is the same as a Fortin Kali. All the same design (JMP/JCM800 with a Jose...
  3. FourT6and2

    Clip: Ceriatone Chupacabra + Mayones Duvell MBC

    New guitar, so new clip. :) Recorded on my laptop's webcam. So take that for what it is lol. Listen on some good speakers or headphones. Sounds pretty good through my Bose QC25s. But crappy on my laptop's speakers.
  4. FourT6and2

    Mayones Duvell 2016 MBC

    This wicked axe is on its way to me right now! Saw it, had to have it. I have a few others and they're all amazing.
  5. FourT6and2

    FS: 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Silverburst. It has a non-pancake body with maple neck. Electronics have been replaced. But I will include all the original, factory pots, switches, jack, caps, etc. The stuff in there now includes RS superpots, "modern" caps, Switchcraft jack, and Switchcraft...
  6. FourT6and2

    FS: 1984 Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    I have too many guitars (and multiple Silverbursts). So one's gotta go. This is a 1984 Les Paul Custom in Silverburst. It has a non-pancake body with mahogany neck (not maple). Electronics have been replaced. But I will include all the original, factory pots, switches, jack, caps, etc. The...
  7. FourT6and2

    NGD: Mayones Duvell Elite

    Well, I've had it a few weeks now. But I just love these guitars. Since getting them I haven't even looked at my Les Pauls. They're just such a better fit for me. This third one I got is a 2016 Master Builder Collection, which means it was built by Mayones' top luthier. And it shows. This thing...
  8. FourT6and2

    Double NGD: I Thought I Hated Mayo...

    ...Turns out, it's ****ing delicious. :laugh2: I've always played PRS and Les Pauls. Sure I've noodled around on other guitars in shops over the years, but I've never owned anything of note besides my LP Customs and a PRS Singlecut. I had a few Ibanez axes when I first started playing guitar...
  9. FourT6and2

    FS: 1984 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    I have three of these. I don't need three of these. I need monies. So this one is for sale. 1984 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst. Seriously excellent condition, especially for a 30-year old guitar. All three of my Silverbursts are in fantastic shape. I sought each of them out with...
  10. FourT6and2

    Speed Knobs

    One of the original '80s black speed knobs on my '84 Custom broke. I bought Gibson replacements, but they aren't the same. The new ones are of much lower quality and don't really stay on all that well, even though the spline/teeth are suppose to be the same. The original ones have a much longer...
  11. FourT6and2

    Faber vs Tone Pros

    Probably been asked before. I'm too lazy to search. :naughty: Faber ABRN vs Tone Pros NVR2 Both are ABR bridges that fit on Nashville studs. Bother are made from zinc (like the stock Gibson bridge). Tone Pros locks. Faber doesn't. Any other differences? Any reason I should go with one...
  12. FourT6and2

    Yeah. I really did just do it again.

    Another one is on the way. I think I have a problem...
  13. FourT6and2

    FS: Metro Plexi 1959 Superlead

    A lot of people have asked to buy this over the years. Well, here it is. $1,300 + shipping within the USA NO TRADES. Original build thread: Rig-Talk • View topic - Join me on a magical journey: Metro Plexi Superlead Build As you can see from the build thread, this was built with some...
  14. FourT6and2

    FS: Four (4) WGS Reaper Speakers

    Four (4) WGS Reaper Speakers 30 Watts 16 Ohms I was told they were 55 Hz, but sticker doesn't specify. Speakers have an additional gasket on the back of the frame's flange so you should be able to front-mount them as well. These are supposed to be similar to Celestion G12H30. They appear...
  15. FourT6and2

    New Bogner Day

    What am I doing?!?! Grabbed this 4x12 off Craigslist for a decent price. It's loaded with WGS 55Hz Reapers. Anybody ever use 'em? Unless they're awesome, I'm planning on swapping them for a quad of G12-65s. I have another Bogner 4x12 in storage that I'm getting back, loaded with Greenbacks...
  16. FourT6and2

    A Wondrous Adventure: SLO Clone Build

    Because my Metro Super Lead build-thread went so well (seen here: Rig-Talk • View topic - Join me on a magical journey: Metro Plexi Superlead Build ), I've decided to do the same with a SLO100 clone. I'm still waiting for most of the actual parts to come in. But let's get thangs goin' with...
  17. FourT6and2

    3-Way Switch and Jack Wiring

    Why, in some diagrams I see the three way switch wired so the middle lug goes to ground (or wrapped around the outer braiding of the switch leads) and the top lug on the other side of the switch going to hot. And in other diagrams I see the middle lug of the switch going to the output jack hot...
  18. FourT6and2

    Question About Rewiring

    If and when y'all rewire a Norlin-era LP that came with the metal "can" in the control cavity and the metal sleeve in the switch cavity, you you leave the sleeve installed in the switch cavity or not? I've noticed that the switch had a ground wired from it to this sleeve. I took it out years...
  19. FourT6and2

    FS: Bareknuckle Pickups Riff Raff Set

    Bareknuckle Riff Raff pickup set. Installed once for a short time but not my thing. Has plenty of lead length left for a LP-style guitar. $300 shipped to the USA via USPS flat rate. Bridge: 8.1K Neck: 7.3K Alnico V Standard spacing Long legs (1/2") 2 conductor (braided) Aged nickel...
  20. FourT6and2

    Gold Lion KT77 is Awesome!

    Swapped the SED Winged C EL34s out for these in my Diezel Einstein. Peter said to bias the same as EL34s (35ma per tube) even though they're rated at 32 watts instead of 25, like EL34s. The difference was pretty night & day. Basically everything I like about Winged Cs, but fixed the stuff I...

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