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    GAS'n for '58 Historic. I probably shouldn't, but I might.

    As an old guy I say if this is totally disposable income and all your responsibilities are being met, and you've worked for what you say you can afford, go for it. Everyone should enjoy what they've worked for. Guitars are certainly a great and honorable reward. A historic LP? Do it.
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    Historic Les 'em!

    2019 R9 NAMM Gibson booth model. Royal Teaburst. Unbelievable!
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    NGD - R9 60th Anniversary in Southern Fade

    I'm curious about one thing, but I didn't want to start a new thread for such a trivial question. The medallions that covers the switch cavity on the 60th Anniversary R9s come with a small diamond. Does anyone know by any chance if it's a real diamond? Part of me thinks it's more likely to be...
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    NGD - R9 60th Anniversary in Southern Fade

    Really like your new R9 PauloQS. Me three about the cases. I had a 2014 cs class 5. The case was much better. Better latches (flip up then flip down style), better placement and seemed more rugged.
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    NGD: 60th Anni R9

    mine isn't
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    2019 Gibson Custom Shop Reissues still not available in Canada

    Picked up a 60th anniv 1959 at Guitar Works Calgary. Thanks so much to Reed. Been looking and wanting for years. The world doesn't revolve around TO and LM.
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    Leep LP Class 5 Murphy or trade for R9

    Thanks everyone. I know your right, as Corsby Stills Nash wrote, Love the one your with. This isn't mine. I don't know how to take pic and post. This one is exactly like mine one serial # away taken from LAS Music site.
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    Leep LP Class 5 Murphy or trade for R9

    Sorry title should be "Keep" not "Leep" don't know how to change it. I own a LP Class 5 Murphy Burst. I have a chance to buy a LP R9 if I trade and add a bunch of $. The Class 5 is really fancy (Murphy painted) with burstbuckers. The R9 is a teaburst but has really mismatched top. I know it...
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    Should I add ES339 to Les Paul?

    Update. I found a 2013 ES339 in black gloss. Almost new but also almost new price. Really like it so far but haven't had time to really get to know her.
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    Should I add ES339 to Les Paul?

    Update. Deal on the 339 fell through. Guitar wasn't as posted. Will jump if I find the right one. Thanks everyone.
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    Should I add ES339 to Les Paul?

    Thanks for all the reply's so far. Still can't decide.
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    Should I add ES339 to Les Paul?

    I currently have a Les Paul Traditional. Have a chance to get an ES 339 at a good price. I don't play out. Just play for fun and a hobby. Can't decide if I should get a 339. Are they too similar? Will I be disappointed in the 339? Don't really need one. Just kinda have an itch for one. Thoughts?
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    Interesting Call with Gibson Customer Service

    I bought a LP Custom this year. I was like you and only got hang tags and the coa. I bought a LP Studio earlier this year and it had the truss rod tool in the case. So..I called Gibson USA with your exact questions. They told me to call the Canadian Distributor (I live in Canada). They told me...
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    Surprise Gibson Acquisition

    I'd go with the new faded Studio. They're a genuine LP with humbucker pick ups and a great price. I really like their finish too. You don't have to have a shiny finish worth thousands to have a great instrument.
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    My new 2016 Studio Faded and forearm pain

    I'm thinking it could be one of two things: RSI, repetitive strain injury, from just a lot of playing. Maybe carpal tunnel. Or Pressure from the guitar edge pressing on specific nerves. Why not make an appointment with your MD and take your guitar to demonstrate and see what the doc says?
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    Best Paul for a new player

    Who says old guys aren't wise? Happy trails and all the best from one OF to another!
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    Best Paul for a new player

    I "try" old classic rock and country. I find the d28 and lp are just different to play. The d28 is lighter but the neck seems fatter. The body is pretty big for an ole fat guy. It still is pretty easy to play. The lp is easier for my fat arthritic hands, mainly because electrics always seem to...
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    Best Paul for a new player

    Hi artpulis. This is my first post but your thread caught my eye. I'm a senior too and love guitars. I've had many for several years but because of no talent (talking about me only) I'm only a beginner level too. I also have fat hands. Played mostly acoustic and have a Martin d28 also. I just...

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