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    Gibson explorer b2 question

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    Gibson V

    Just got a new gibson v in black and I have to say I'm impressed.Ive been reading alot of reviews and people slamming Gibson the last few years,this V plays and sounds effortless to play....was going to get an Edwards or something along that lines but actually got a new one for only...
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    Wtb:flying v

    Looking for a flying V......would like something of the MIJ variety like an Edwards or even an Epiphone japan...maybe a Czech dean(European Custom select),USA pro series..i want a more traditional model,22 frets and no tremelo.I have a nice Edwards 335 I would trade or i could just buy it....
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    Wtb:Gibson es 137

    Anyone has one to sell hit me up.....wanting a single cut semihillow
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    2007 Gibson sg #32 guitar of the week
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    Wtb:gibson 490/498t quick connect set with black covers

    Looking for a set of these, like the ones from the lpj guitars.I bought a blacked out SG with emgs and I want to put passives in it.Figured i would see if anyone on here has a set they want to get rid of.....would look just like the emgs so the look of the guitar wouldnt change.....dont really...
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    Wtb:Edwards 335 style semi hollow

    Had one and foolishly sold it,want another one...prefer black but open to all colors....will buy or I have a nice Robot Les Paul I would offer as trade,just putting that out there,but I do have cash on hand.....want to try here before I look on Ebay to get from japan
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    FS:marshall vintage modern and fja modded dsl50

    Vintage modern is 100 watts,factory footswitch,new power tubes,some knicks and dings in tolex but sounds great $650 plus shipping Dsl50 head fja standard mod,had mercury magnetics choke and ot added after by local amp builder sam timberlake,build a info on fja mod,he doesn't give...
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    FSOT:Egnater Seminar Head

    This is a 50 watt head with a hi gain,lo gain,and clean input,the fs input was not made usable per previous owner.The head sounds good,there are a lot of clips of them on youtube.It also has an effects loop.The amp has alof of gain for most any style of music and does well with pedals in the...
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    FS:Marshall DSL50 head w/fja mod

    Dsl 50 head is in good shape and sounds great,had the standard fja mod done to dsl and the write up given pretty much describes the the amp alot more clarity and cuts through well in a live setting...also have the footswitch to change channels. ...would also trade for a nice lp studio...
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    WTB:Gibson 498t chrome/nickel

    looking for a chrome or nickel plated 498t.....
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    FS/FT:Gibson ES339 w/hard case

    Bought this about 2 months ago and had it set up,plays and sounds great,have just aquired too many guitars and one I'm having built has been completed.has a Gibson hard case and certificate of's a 2016 model....$825 shipped in the conus or would trade for a marshall plexi styled...
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    Fs:edwards 335 w/bigsby

    I have a very nice edwards 335 with a bigsby vibrato on it and it comes with the factory case. I also have the stop bar tailpiece if you wanted to remove the bigsby.I bought it with the bigsby and just left it because it plays so good.has the factory duncan pickups in it too.Ebony...
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    WTB:Gibson Midtown

    Looking for a Midtown Standard.....ready to buy for the right price....Just missed a good deal on one,so now I must have.....Prefer black,but open to all....
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    FS/FT:Budda Superdrive 45 Head

    Head is in good shape and comes with the original footswitch.This is a pre-peavey version as well.Was told by previous owner the tubes are not very old either.It is loaded with KT66's right now........great clean and OD tones.....will sell for $1200 obo or trade for a soldano hr plus
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    FS:Marshall vintage modern heads...50 and 100 watters

    Ok,so I wound up with a 50 watter and a 100 watter...both heads are in great shape with the 100 watter being recently retubed and biased......the 50 is black and the 100 is the standard purple.....these amps sound outstanding,just sticking with my other amp.Always wanted to try these out and...
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    FS:Krank Krankenstein Plus Mini Head

    This is a 60w beast loaded with 6550 power tubes in a compact package perfect for playing live.I've used it several times with a 1x12,4x12,and a 4x10 and it sounds great with all configurations.......hangs with the high dollar tone machines at a fraction of the price........selling for $450 plus...
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    FS:Marshall JVM210H and Yamaha T100(Soldano) Heads

    Marshall jvm210h in good condition w/factory footswitch.....Think most of you know what this amp is all about....sounds great/...loaded with JJ tubes......$850 plus shipping Yamaha T100 Head w/factory footswitch also in good condtition with recent retube...actually acquired from the original...
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    WTB:Marshall Vintage Modern 50 watt head

    Had the 100 watter and it was a bit much,so I want to try the 50.....I will buy it or I have a JVM210H to barter with,possibly my DSL50.....

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