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  1. gkelm

    Gibson's satin finish - how does it evolve over the years?

    I had an ES-333 several years ago (USA 335 with satin finish and cavity covers on the back). I buffed out the finish and it came out with a nice vintage looking worn gloss. Unfortunately I can’t comment on long term changes.
  2. gkelm

    '64 SG Jr. horror show restoration goodness. opinions welcome. pic heavy.

    Nice resto work! Yes, Pelham blue is perfect. Or even black.
  3. gkelm

    What song says "Gibson" to you?

    “Roundabout” and Anything on the “Moonflower” LP (oops, that was Yamaha!) :eek:
  4. gkelm

    F/S - Echoplex Delay Pedal

  5. gkelm

    FSOT: Tom Anderson Angel

  6. gkelm

    SOLD: 2019 Gibson 1968 Les Paul Reissue

    Thou dost tempt me! :D
  7. gkelm

    SOLD: 1998 Ibanez Prestige S2540

    I was a big Ibanez fan the 90s and earlier 2000s...owned lots of nice ones--RGs and S models. Of all the S models, the Prestige S2540--made in Japan, was my hands-down fave, so when I found this one locally I had to pick it up. It's not getting much play time, so it's on the market. It's very...
  8. gkelm

    FSOT: Tom Anderson Angel

    I’m having a fun floyd run...But can’t keep them all, so time to let this one go. Absolutely fantastic guitar, but I think I’ve become more comfortable on a 22 fret neck. This guitar cost over $4k new—2014, roasted neck, killer top, ss frets...plays like butter and sounds great. It’s is overall...
  9. gkelm

    SOLD: Celestion & Scumback

  10. gkelm


    EQD Pyramids--Does classic flanging/chorusy sounds, plus a lot more cool and weird stuff! Has several modes and even programmable presets. It's in excellent shape with manual & box. (Velcro tastefully applied, but can be removed at the buyer's request.) $220 shipped/PP/ConUS Trade interests...
  11. gkelm

    SOLD - Unfinished strat bodies - USACG, Allparts

    Cleaning out project parts that I’m apparently not going to use! These are all what I consider ideal bodies for traditional vintage fender builds...nice light weights and grain patterns. USACG alder strat body - SOLD Allparts alder strat body - SOLD Trade interests: - Strat neck with floyd...
  12. gkelm

    SOLD: Celestion & Scumback

  13. gkelm

    SOLD: Celestion & Scumback

    Celestion Heritage G12-65 - SOLD Celestion Vintage 30 - SOLD - 16 ohm, Excellent condition - Came to me in a JCM800 combo and swapped it out Scumback M75-16 25w - SOLD - 16 ohm, Excellent condition, nicely broken-in - This and the speaker below were my absolute favorites in my Germino...
  14. gkelm

    NGD 2019 59 60th Brazilian

    Great lemon iced tea.

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