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    Fender Amps, Why Are They So Loved

    I own vintage a vintage 65 Twin and a 68 vintage Prince non reverb. The cranked tones are great. But JB and others mod their amps for a more aggressive tone. Hence, the use of a tubescreamer to goose the tone, more aggressively. You can also get a new Blues cube, based on a Bassman circuit, and...
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    DI out "pedal" ?

    I use a Zoom G3 when I have to go direct. It has an XLR DI out, Amp and speaker models and some handy effects.
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    90 dollar OCD factory seconds from fulltone

    Take 5 weeks to ship after a week to build? I smell something wrong.
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    Blues Jr Tweed vs 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue

    The PRRI is junk compared to my TRRI, or DRRi. Yes owning that PRRI sounded good but the build quality must be Mexico at quitting time. The SF Princeton was so much better. Get the DRRI.
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    Fender Family Picture Day

    How's the lil 59 in the bridge working out. I've got one in my American Standard I can remove to put in the Hot Rod cause that singe coil squeals like a microphone if I'm too close to the amp.
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    Fender Family Picture Day

    Half my family. I own a Hot Rod too.
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    Npd boss dd-7

    My favorite delay. The analog setting nails the DM-2. It does the modulate delay excellent.
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    Eagles Song "Teenage Jail" what pedal is used?

    I was looking at some pedal demo's on Youtube and I happened to see Don Felder's latest equipment expose'. His pedal board had 2 Boss DD-3's, an OCD, a Boss CH-1, and TU-3 tuner. That's it.
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    Current BOSS vs made in Japan BOSS pedals

    Standing on stage, I can't really tell the difference as long as they sound good. I have a few Boss pedals.
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    Which pedal makes your Piezo equipped guitar sound more like a real acoustic?

    Try a Zoom A3. Great pedal and takes all the quack out of piezo UST's.
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    Which pedal tuner?

    The TU-3 is bright in the Sunlight. I play outdoor gigs and it works perfectly. You'll see Tu-3 pedals on pro boards.
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    EH LPB-1 anybody?

    The LPB-1 is a nice boost. It can control your overall volume too.
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    just bought a TS Mini 15% off

    Merry Christmas. I have one too. Sort of inbetween the TS808 and TS-9 with more gain. Fits on a crowded board easy.
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    looking for an "always on" overdrive to push, tighten an already higher gain channel

    There are no circuit patents, the Klon is an improvement on a circuit not a creation. Western Electric designed circuits for amplifiers and gave them a way to create business. By your logic you would only have Western Electric amps that everyone plays. Not a pedal or amp made now is a new...
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    Anyone tried the Pedaltrain Volto battery ?

    My small acoustic board.
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    Post your Pedal collection!

    I like Boss pedals.
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    NPD: Digitech Mosaic

    The mosiac was okay on Acoustic for me, it made my telecaster it sound more like a banjo. I hope it works for you.
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    Anyone tried the Pedaltrain Volto battery ?

    I've been using a Sanyo Pedal juice for 4 yrs. and it is Lithium so it doesn't suffer from battery memory. The Pedal juice is the size of a MXR pedal. I also have the Volto, it is flatter and not as big as the Pedal juice. The Pedal Juice will go 36hrs straight without charging, but the charger...
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    Carbon Copy or Aqua Puss?

    I've had the Carbon Copy twice, and the Aqua puss and Supra puss. I prefer the Boss DD-7 over all of them. It has the analog setting that nails a DM-2, if you want that sound. It just walks all over the rest in delay times, tap temp, and dotted 8th. I'd buy the DD-7 first.
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    Ngd..Tele addiction!

    Congratulations. I own 3 telecasters. They are the workhorses of the industry. Any kind of music can be played with it.

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